8 Simple security tips to protect your commercial property this winter.

No matter where you’re working this winter, there needs to be a clear security protocol in effect, one that all members of staff are extensively briefed on. This has to include even those who are not frequently working within the building; this means any extra temporary Christmas staff you might’ve hired to fulfill additional demands. […]

Mobile & remote access to CCTV monitoring systems (smart phones = smart security).

If you own a video security system, you probably know all about the convenience and functionality of using your mobile phone, tablet computer and laptop to access your system on the go via the use of applications. The great thing about today’s video security systems is that you can stream your video feeds at a […]

RE:SURE Advanced Video Analytics in action

We prevent crimes before they happen and that’s the simple truth. This may sound like something out of a science fiction film but believe it or not the future of security is now and we’re leading the charge, offering peace of mind to both domestic and commercial properties across Ireland. What makes things really easy […]


 With more than €35 million worth of property stolen from Irish households between July 2013 and July 2014 according to research from The Garda National Crime Prevention Unit *1, the traditional home alarm could become a thing of the past following the introduction of a new home security product called RE:SURE Home from Irish firm […]