3 Reasons Why Monitored CCTV is the Best way to Protect ATMs

They offer a quick and convenient way to withdraw cash but also present preying criminals with an opportunity. From accosting those who have just withdrawn cash to stealing entire machines, ATMs are prime targets for criminals.

Consumers can often feel vulnerable, especially when using an ATM at night. Plus, fraudsters have the knowledge on how to tamper with the machines and steal sensitive customer information. This tampering ranges from pinhole cameras to ‘skimmers’ which are increasingly difficult for people to spot.

Many ATM machines are now fitted with CCTV cameras, providing banks with the means to monitor footage and attempt to prosecute criminals. However, the issue with this security solution is that it does not prevent crime. Customers can still feel vulnerable and thieves are not deterred.

With new technological advancements, CCTV has progressed and banks can now install monitored CCTV. This new technology means that ATM machines can be monitored 24/7 and crime can be prevented before it happens.

Here are 3 reasons why monitored CCTV is the best way to protect ATMs.

1. It stops crime before it happens

As ATMs are in use 24/7, they are exposed during times when there is limited security or police presence. This makes them hot targets for criminals, giving them enough time during the night to carry out crime undisturbed.

More advanced criminals don’t just prey on people withdrawing cash, they have the tools and know how to break open ATM chests and steal large sums of money.

With monitored CCTV, crimes such as this can be prevented. When unusual activity is detected, a live security team intervene and deter criminals via audio commands. When this isn’t enough, the authorities will be alerted to further deter any crime from being committed.

This intravenous solution means that banks no longer have to trawl through footage long after the crime has occurred only to try and identify perpetrators.

2. Banks can form stronger customer loyalty

If it’s clear that a certain bank uses monitored CCTV on all its ATMs, customers are going to feel safer. People know that ATMs can be at risk and despite all the basic measures like covering pin numbers, it is still possible for thieves to pose a threat.

So, with the knowledge that there is a 24/7 security presence who can intervene at any point and alert the authorities, people will naturally feel safer and more inclined to use protected ATMs. This, in turn, will make the bank more desirable.

3. Video recordings for solving fraud

Monitored CCTV records just like traditional CCTV and when it comes to ATMs, video can help a great deal. Firstly, it can settle customer disputes when it’s claimed cash wasn’t dispensed.

Secondly, footage taken from the video recordings can be cross-transferred with other data to solve wider criminal cases. For example, if an ATM was tampered with and a criminal obtained an individual’s bank details and used them fraudulently, CCTV from banks and shops where the account had been used could be cross-transferred with the ATM footage to find the criminal.

In summary

Although traditional CCTV has its benefits, it is a reactive measure which can prove problematic after a crime has been committed. Detecting criminals and prosecuting them in court isn’t always straightforward, which means many get away scot-free. Monitored CCTV, however, provides a proactive security solution which can prevent crime and protect customers and banks from ATM theft.

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