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8 Simple security tips to protect your commercial property this winter.

No matter where you’re working this winter, there needs to be a clear security protocol in effect, one that all members of staff are extensively briefed on. This has to include even those who are not frequently working within the building; this means any extra temporary Christmas staff you might’ve hired to fulfill additional demands. The priority is to keep your employees and any valuable equipment safe from external threats. Having the right security measures in place will help to deter intruders as well as prevent a wide array of crimes – especially when coupled with advanced security measures such as CCTV monitoring response technology.

Here are some basic security measures that all commercial properties should consider to be the very minimum workplace security precautions they put in place this Christmas.

1. It goes without saying to always ensure that all of the doors and windows are locked before leaving or locking up the workplace, even so time and time again this has been the root cause of many a breached perimeter. Check them again in the morning to confirm they are all still securely locked and that nothing is missing. If a window/door is open that wasn’t the night before, it would be a good idea to check any security footage you might have for that time-frame.

Keep the exits and the entrances secure at all times of the day and night. Using a combination door is ideal for controlling who enters and exits the building. You can also issue key cards and keys or even an ID badge to make sure that only the regular staff are able to enter the building. If viable you can also have a reception staff that is set the task of tagging any visitors with a temporary ID badge and to sign in and out when they enter/exit the building, many buildings will simply use a paper format log sheet to keep tracks of comings and goings and that’s fine too.

2. Security is something that should be at the forefront of not just your mind but also your workers minds all times. Sufficient reminders/advertisements of protocol should be fitted in as many visible places as possible, as well as holding routine meetings when systems are updated or when there is an incident to identify the cause and prevent them happening again in the future.

3. Install an up-to-date security system that takes advantage of the most advanced crime prevention technology available today. A system with a built in alert directly to the police or a security response team is an ideal choice, this coupled with motion sensing closed circuit television is allowing many businesses to prevent crimes before they happen. Once movement is detected on your property an audio warning is played out loud, resulting in a very high success rate of scaring away any intruders. Here at RE:SURE we provide a very effective and reliable CCTV monitoring service that have prevented thousands of crimes from ever taking place.

4. Dark corners are breeding grounds for criminal activity, out of sight and out of mind does not apply when it comes to securing your business. Be sure that there is sufficient lighting in and around your place of work, leaving no blind spots for CCTV cameras. It makes it easier to be able to see who is at the door and help to discourage break-ins. A well lit property also provides extra safety to those who arrive early or who leave late. Motion activated lights are especially recommended as they startle intruders and often cause them to flee with a small secondary benefit of saving on energy costs due to their select usage.

5. If you don’t have a video system, get one installed. A closed circuit television system is a great way to keep track of who enters and exits the building. You can also use this in the hallways and in stairwells or wherever any valuable items or sensitive activity takes place. Take it a step further and upgrade your video system with motion detection technology, catching any movement on your property as it happens is a very effective form of crime prevention.

6. You should also ensure that any car parking area is kept under surveillance. Burglars are known to check all the doors in a car park and many companies suffer theft as parked vehicles are sitting ducks to any greedy ambitious hands. Consider CCTV camera’s or dummy camera’s as well as parking barriers, swinging gates and even posts. If you have perimeter security staff working for you then we recommend a member being stationed here

7. Remember that expensive technology is everywhere even what might seem like a very dull box with wires sticking out of it could be worth thousands of pounds. If possible record all the serial numbers of your equipment and tag the most expensive items, it can be very pricey if something is stolen or damaged. Be sure that you keep track of all personal documents and confidential files. For some high risk industries where staff anonymity is important, store names and addresses separately where possible and keep extra copies of important documents in safe places.

8. Sensitive information such as pass-codes for doors, windows, I.T systems etc. should only be permitted to specific employees and change it often for safety reasons; ex-employees should not be able to gain access to your property. Recommend your staff against recording them on pieces of paper which risk being lost and falling into the wrong hands.

This was just a a very basic list and there are many more ways to protect your property from the damages of criminal activity. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your livelihood, get in touch and a member of the RE:SURE team would be happy to advise you further.

Don’t ever leave anything to chance.

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