The Best Premium Home Security Protection

There are numerous home security systems on the market. There is everything from standard CCTV to burglar alarm systems, and that’s only scratching the surface. There are even those who swear by a watchdog to protect their homes – no matter the size of the dog itself!

Every home security system has its pros and cons of course. Burglar alarms can be ignored, CCTV can only record not prevent, and according to every cartoon we’ve ever seen, a guard dog can be distracted by a string of sausages.

What you need for complete home protection is a Premium Security System. To achieve that premium part, the service must provide a combination of all the home security measures listed above.

RE:SURE offers precisely that.

It combines:

  • The evidence-recording ability of standard CCTV
  • Proactive – and loud – preventative measures to stop a burglar before he even breaks in
  • The reassurance of constant vigilance and surveillance that would traditionally be provided by a guard dog

It provides the pros of these security measures whilst also removing the cons, such as:

  • Unlike standard CCTV, it is proactive. It doesn’t simply record, it intervenes too.
  • A blasting burglar alarm is simply noise; it has no intelligence behind it. RE:SURE uses words instead of noise, speaking directly to burglars to inform them they are being observed and the police are on their way – a far more effective deterrent.
  • The vigilance of RE:SURE is provided by a control centre manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides a level of un-disrupted constant monitoring that no dog could hope to achieve.

By taking the best parts of other security systems and shedding the weak points, monitored CCTV by RE:SURE can be considered to be the Premium Home Security System.

So what services do we offer, how do we work and how can we protect your home and family?

Well, our services are split into three distinct areas, so let’s take a quick look at them now:

Re:Sure Home

Home CCTV monitoring can bring peace of mind by:

  • Tailored Monitoring– Some people worry that monitored CCTV means they themselves will always be under surveillance. This isn’t true, because the system is activated/deactivated by you – just the same as setting an alarm before you leave the house or go to sleep.
  • Deploying Cutting Edge Tech – So what happens when you activate the system? Well, it uses cutting-edge motion detection technology in tandem with strategically placed CCTV cameras. When the motion of an intruder activates the system, it alerts the control centre, where our employees can look at a live feed of the exterior of your property to discover the source of the motion.
  • No More False Alarms – Some burglar alarm manufacturers offer services where the police will be summoned if the alarm is triggered. For their part, however, the police never promise that they will respond to a burglar alarm – in fact, they are often very low priority due to the high percentage of false alarms from easily triggered home alarm systems. Monitored CCTV is different. Because the control centre can verify that a break-in is occurring in real time, the police will respond and respond quickly – because they know it’s not a false alarm.
  • Direct Intervention – As we discussed above, burglar alarms make a lot of noise – but that’s not always enough to deter a burglar. As we have seen, many people do not respond to an alarm or even call the police and burglars are aware of this fact. They know they can break in, snatch what they can and get out – long before the police arrive to investigate. Monitored CCTV is different. Once an intruder is spotted, staff from the control centre can use the system to talk directly to them. They can tell them they are being watched and the police have been summoned. This can stop the burglary before any property damage or theft even occurs.

Re:Sure Go

Re:Sure Go is an app that can be downloaded to smartphones. It allows you and your family to ensure the same peace of mind that monitored CCTV installation provides for your home when you are out and about.

We are talking:

  • Easy Activation – Simply open the App and activate it when you are leaving home. It takes less time than activating an alarm system and provides constant protection until you deactivate it, which itself is also a simple process.
  • Easy to Use – You don’t have to open the app to alert it to an emergency situation. The app cleverly uses motion technology already built right into the phone. You simply shake the phone and it activates the app.
  • Instant Assistance – Once activated, the app will contact the control centre, which will follow the bespoke instructions you set. This could be contacting you or your emergency contacts. The app also utilizes the built-in camera and microphone in your phone to allow control centre staff direct access to a live feed of the unfolding situation – exactly the same as with your CCTV at home. Again, this means that staff can assess the situation and summon the police if required.

Re:Sure Business

This article is primarily about home security measures. Therefore we won’t go too much into the Business CCTV monitoring that RE:SURE offers.

It would, however, be remis of us not to at least point out that all of the excellent features of both RE:SURE Home and RE:SURE Go can be tailored to provide effective surveillance and protection for business sites.

The camera installations can be set up to protect shops, factories and warehouses from burglaries and theft. RE:SURE Go can be easily rolled out even across a large workforce. It can provide on the go monitoring and protection that can be extremely reassuring for staff who work away from the office, alone or in small teams.

You could also offer it to staff that travel at unsociable hours to or from work. It can offer a degree of protection for them on their commute that allows you to show you truly care for their safety and well-being.

There we have it. If you agree that RE:SURE really is the only home security system that can truly lay claim to the title of Premium, then get in touch. Request a callback or drop us an e-mail and see what we can do to provide the best security protection for you, your home and your family.


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