Drone Usage For Commercial Security

Drones have become incredibly popular pieces of technology in recent years. Used for everything from creating YouTube videos to accident investigation, drones can also be used for security purposes too.

After all, drones can be flown in any direction and give you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on. The question is though, can a drone be relied upon for all your security needs? Here’s the lowdown to tell you more.

Benefits Of Drone Technology

  • HD streaming with minimal latency
  • Reduced risk to humans
  • Real-time visuals
  • Helps reduce CCTV blind spots
  • Can be used day or night
  • No cranes or similar equipment required

It’s clear to see that drones have a lot of advantages, making it understandable business owners are turning to drones for their commercial security.

Given a drone can fly anywhere in seconds, it can quickly reach any part of your premises, especially if you own a lot of outdoor land that would be difficult to cover on foot. It would be easy to identify any breaches in security if the drone were able to locate and follow the perpetrator.

Also, drones shoot in HD with some models having incredible capabilities in both day and night conditions. Compared with a human pair of eyes, there are a lot of advantages that a drone can offer here.

Cons Of Drone Technology

  • Only active when piloted
  • Requires special licencing and training
  • Not ideal for sites near airports
  • Prone to failure or loss of power
  • Will require additional resources to alert police
  • Drones are also a theft target unlike CCTV

The real issue with a drone is that it must be piloted at all times. Therefore, a drone pilot would unable to simultaneously call the police if they were to spot an intruder unless they landed the drone first which would stop the footage from being recorded. A drone pilot must also have extensive training to operate the device in the first place.

Drones cannot be flown anywhere near an airport or a flight path. A lot of outdoor merchants and similar commercial locations are often in such areas, making the usage of a drone impossible.

Also, drones are highly valuable machines. This makes them targets for thieves, whereas very few people would actively look to steal a CCTV camera. Not only because of the reduced value but because the camera would record them as they tried to do so!

Don’t Forget Your CCTV

We have no doubt that drone technology is amazing. However, it’s good to remember that drones require operators that have to be actively flying the drone to capture any footage. However, CCTV records 24/7, and in the case of RE:SURE systems, our cameras are connected to a control room for remote monitoring too.

Therefore, you cannot rely on a drone entirely, because only CCTV provides uninterrupted coverage.

On the point of HD streaming including at night, our technology also provides this, also with verbal warnings that can be transmitted from our control room in real-time. Technology such as drones isn’t as intimidating for intruders, especially when it’s not connected to security on the other end.

Ultimately, every business model has unique security requirements, so drones are certainly something to consider, but equally can never replace CCTV entirely.

Find Out More

Are you interested in remote CCTV monitoring, or do you need further help with anything we’ve mentioned above relating to drone usage for commercial security?

Here at RE:SURE, our CCTV systems have state of the art technology. We can also provide remote CCTV monitoring to keep your home and business safe at all times.

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