Lone Worker Protection

How to Protect Lone Workers?

An Innovative way to Protect Lone Workers

As an employer, your duty of care obligations span across all employees, whether they are in the office or working remotely. In many ways, lone workers are more vulnerable than those under direct supervision in the office.

A lone worker is anyone who works by themselves, whether that’s in the office out of hours or off-site elsewhere. The very nature of working alone makes these staff members more vulnerable in the case of an unforeseen accident, attack or health problem.

According to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, all employers must “devise and implement effective measures to ensure they (employees) are adequately protected in their place of work, whether this is their home or a remote location.”

Many businesses fall short when it comes to protecting lone workers. They aren’t always aware of their employees’ whereabouts or whether they can indicate if they need help. Many have a mobile phone, but this isn’t always adequate, particularly for high-risk remote workers.

To solve this common problem, at Re:Sure, we have developed an app which provides lone workers with 24/7 protection, 365 days a year. Here’s how Re:Sure Go can protect your team.

A personal panic alarm

When working on-site or remotely, employees can be vulnerable to accidents happening. Due to the nature of their job, getting help can prove difficult. One important thing to do is to conduct toolbox talks or safety checklists before the employees go out to work alone.

By transforming employee smartphones into a personal panic alarm and lone worker app, you can rest assured that they are protected 24/7. When activated, with a simple shake, the Re:Sure Go app alerts our live security team, providing them with immediate GPS Coordinates and video/audio clips of any incident.

We can then alert you or the authorities, ensuring your lone worker receives the assistance they need. Our alerts can be tailored to your needs and bespoke protocols can be implemented for emergencies.

The man down function

If you have employees who carry out particularly high-risk jobs, a panic alarm may not be enough if they are incapacitated. In this situation, every second really does count which is why we developed our ‘Man Down’ function. This technology sends an alert when a lack of movement is detected. Our security team will be alerted and we can put the necessary procedure into place.

Lone meetings function

Attending meetings off-site can put employees in a vulnerable position. Whether it’s estate agents on house viewings or visiting new clients, it’s important to know your staff are safe. In the event of an attack or accident, employees may not always have the time to phone for help.

Using Re:Sure Go as a personal panic alarm, you can rest assured that your staff members will be protected. Rather than taking the time to make an emergency call, a simple shake of their phone will alert our security team.

The Re:Sure Go app provides worldwide coverage too, protecting employees who travel abroad for work.


If you’d like to find out more about how you can protect your lone workers with Re:Sure Go, we’d be happy to help. Visit our contact page and get in touch with a member of our team today.

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