RE:SURE Advanced Video Analytics in action

We prevent crimes before they happen and that’s the simple truth. This may sound like something out of a science fiction film but believe it or not the future of security is now and we’re leading the charge, offering peace of mind to both domestic and commercial properties across Ireland.

What makes things really easy for our marketing department is that we don’t have to hope potential clients believe in “too good to be true” claims of our effective security measures; we have real world audiovisual proof that our technology saves you a fortune on costly criminal activities so many homes and businesses fall victim to.

The video below show cases how RE:SURE protects your premises when you are not there, stopping crime from happening in the first place. We use smart cameras to detect intruders the moment they step foot onto your property.

This means we give you all the services of a security guard for a fraction of the price; check out the video below to see a few examples of how well our smart cameras detect intruders.

Check out the full video here:

Re-evaluating your risk profile.

The recently terminated “Graham Dwyer” case brought to light a big problem about which most Irish employers have been burying their head in the sand. Namely, it is regarding how, as an employer, you could be inadvertently sending one of your employees into a situation much more fraught with risk is often appreciated.

It came out in the trial that Mr Dwyer had planned to set up a fake viewing with a young auctioneer in South Dublin. Horrendously he had planned to rape and kill the person in question. Thankfully, it never came to pass. But it could have.

Even in Ireland, showing complete strangers around empty and sometimes secluded properties on a daily basis, does pose an element of risk that most people reguarly take for granted. Estate agents need to start evaluating what kind of levels of risk that they are exposing themselves to. Albeit way back in the eighties, the terribly sad case of Suzy Lamplugh is a prime historical example of why estate agents are at a high risk factor in their work line. Suzy went to show a property in the south of England, and never returned.

Some of the basic questions that should be asked as part of having a thorough lone worker policy are: Do your colleagues know where you are going? Do they know who you are showing the property to? Do they know what time you will be back? Will they remember if you don’t return on time. How well do you know the potential buyer? Have you conducted a vet on them? More often than not, these answers will be negative…

There are a number of precautions that should always be taken in order to minimise the risk exposure. For example, let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back. Ideally, have a list available of all the people that you are planning to show around the property.

However, we all know that with the seemingly relentless pace of life these days, it is hard to remember to do all these things and to have a third party to remember to check if everything is okay with you if you do not arrive back on schedule. In short, people are getting on with their lives and no one is perfect.

Here is a recent article from that demonstrates how RE:SURE GO could form a thorough part of your company’s lone working policy.


 With more than €35 million worth of property stolen from Irish households between July 2013 and July 2014 according to research from The Garda National Crime Prevention Unit *1, the traditional home alarm could become a thing of the past following the introduction of a new home security product called RE:SURE Home from Irish firm RE:SURE that’s set to completely change the way we think about home security.

According to Emmet Hogan of RE:SURE; “RE:SURE Home uses smart cameras to provide a new level of protection that prevents break-ins from happening by intervening directly, with a live audio challenge, the moment an intruder steps foot on your property. Importantly, this avoids the emotional and financial cost that’s the collateral damage from intrusion into your home space.

“Standard alarm technology has two fundamental flaws. Firstly, it only alarms once the person is inside or on their way into your home. Secondly, burglars are more fearless and calculating these days and know that they have a window of opportunity before any response is likely.

“It comes down to a simple choice really. Do you want a typical home alarm that tells you that you’re being burgled when you can do nothing about it and your prized valuables and sentimental items are being stolen OR one that prevents the theft happening in the first place?

How it Works – 24 hour monitoring

Unlike the typical alarm where there’s window contacts, internal sensors, panic button ( and sometimes even invasive cameras that monitor and record your movements within your own house) RE:SURE Home CCTV monitoring takes the job of protecting your house outside, using what’s been described as an Intelligent Protection System (IPS). This effectively acts as a monitored virtual perimeter around the grounds of your home.

RE:SURE uses the latest generation of detection technology in the form of discreetly placed Smart Cameras that provide a 360 degree view of the outside of the house, detecting any activity on your home’s grounds. Whatever the smart cameras can see the RE:SURE Home can detect.

If RE:SURE detects the intruder entering the grounds of your home, fully trained security Operatives based at the firm’s 24 hour purpose built Control Centre are immediately alerted and will access live footage of your house.

The Operatives will command the intruder to leave using a speaker system (installed as part of the package) whilst observing them live on screen and issuing continual live warnings; ensuring the intruder flees before attempting to get inside your home before any damage or theft occurs.

Since the intruder has been caught before they have even begun, they flee the premises before any damage or theft can take place. The homeowner is contacted when a real event occurs and the Gardai are also immediately informed.

“Brazen Burglars”

John MacMahon, Hogan’s business partner, added: “We examined our own intruder alarm statistics with the national figures and realised that we were seeing a rise in the percentage of burglars were simply more brazen than before – they know there is an alarm, but also know that they can be in and out before any real response will occur.”

We thought there must be a better way and wanted a system that detects the criminals before they ever got near your home and allowed us to intervene immediately, then that window of opportunity will be slammed shut. Our instant, preventative response is better and more effective. We see it as the evolution of home security.”

Installation of RE:SURE Home is designed to be fuss free and typically takes about a day to complete. For those that already have CCTV installed it’s even better; any existing CCTV system can be easily upgraded to a RE:SURE Home system.

The company reports strong demand for their new product nationwide, particularly in Dublin, Belfast and larger isolated homes in the countryside. Each home is assessed on an individual basis dependent on size and need. Costs include an installation charge and monthly monitoring fee.

Hogan added: “RE:SURE Home, offers the newest, most advanced protection system for your home, delivering a preventative security solution that’s built for purpose in 2015.  Yes, it’s an investment but what price do you put on your peace of mind and knowing that you’re protecting your family and possessions with the very best product that’s available?”

According to research from The Garda National Crime Prevention Unit, over €35 million worth of property was stolen from Irish homes in the past year between July 2013 and July 2014

Of that, Jewellery made up to 40% of all stolen property and represented a value of €14.2 million with €7.2 million taken in cash.  Cars were also a major focus for thieves.

Analysis from Gardaí shows that the most common point of entry for burglars is the front door (29%), a rear window (26%), and a rear door (22%).  In addition 20% of households are entered by burglars through an unsecured door or window.

One of the most regular pieces of advice to householders from the Police s is to have your house alarm on – even when you’re in.  That’s not an issue with the RE:SURE HOME security product as it’s fully operational and monitored 24 hours a day.