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Picking The Right Kind Of CCTV Camera For Your Premises

CCTV remains one of the best ways to protect your property against antisocial behaviour and general criminal activity. In addition, having CCTV installed can also be favourable where insurance premiums are concerned, since it means you are taking steps to protect your home or business.

But when it comes to installing CCTV, a choice needs to be made on the type of CCTV camera design you opt for, as CCTV cameras are made in a wide variety of formats depending on the usage requirements.

Here is an overview of the most common types of CCTV cameras so that you can ensure your property benefits from the highest level of protection. 

Bullet CCTV Cameras

bullet cctv camera

When people imagine a CCTV camera, they are probably seeing what is actually called a bullet CCTV camera. The camera has a long rectangular body and has the advantage of being able to capture an excellent picture quality, as well as the ability for controllers to issue a verbal warning through the camera itself. 

An obvious point to note with bullet CCTV cameras is that their presence is highly noticeable due to their large size and shape. Whether or not this is a pro or con is dependent on the individual. In general, the presence of any CCTV recording warrants a written warning being placed in the area so that the public know they are being recorded. 

However, the appearance of such a prominent design doesn’t suit all property owners. Instead, bullet CCTV cameras are suited for any property owner who wants it to be known that CCTV is monitoring the area, whether this is to offer peace of mind for the public or to show would-be criminals that the property owner means business where their security is concerned.  

Ideal usage: Building exteriors, car parks, city centres, delivery entrances, farmland and warehouses. 

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

C-mount CCTV cameras have a very similar design to a bullet CCTV camera, with the one exception that the camera body itself has the ability to rotate. As with bullet cameras, c-mount cameras are designed for outdoor use and are also very prominent in their design. 

The use of C-mount CCTV cameras is particularly suited to any environment where the controller wants the ability to monitor a situation such as following a suspect. If the camera is in a fixed position, this is difficult to achieve and is reliant on several other cameras to avoid any blind spots. But, the ability to manually control the angle and coverage of a C-mount CCTV camera offers more flexibility.

Once again, C-mount CCTV cameras are probably best suited to commercial use where there is a high demand for both activity monitoring, and the ability to deliver a high quality recording that may be required for any number of reasons. For example, future police enquiries rather than just business use alone. 

Ideal usage: Any commercial environment or large public spaces. 

Dome CCTV Cameras

Remote Monitored CCTV

Dome CCTV cameras have a semi-circle design in which the camera lens sits behind. They have a much smaller and discreet appearance and tend to be fitted onto ceilings, though can also be fixed onto walls or structures as seen in the above image. This type of CCTV camera is suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. 

The movement of the camera is undetectable, which means criminals can’t see whether they are in the frame or not. In addition, the camera offers 360-degree rotation, meaning the operator or motion sensor technology can move at any angle. If the suspect notices the camera and tries to jump behind it, they’ll still be covered because with a 360-angle… there is no hiding behind the camera! 

Ideal usage: Retail units, leisure facilities, residential properties, corridors etc. 

Pan Tilt & Zoom CCTV Cameras

pan and tilt cctv camera

Pan tilt & zoom CCTV cameras have the camera suspended between mechanical parts that allow for the free movement of the camera lens.

It is one of the best CCTV cameras for remote viewing, especially when connected to a control room. That’s because the camera offers endless flexibility so that operators can hone in on exactly what they need to view without the technology hampering their efforts. 

As well as also providing a 360-degree rotation, pan tilt & zoom CCTV cameras also offer an exceptional quality of image resolution. 

Ideal usage: Any environment that has remote CCTV monitoring in place. 

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