How to Protect your Business from Burglary and Break-ins

At RE:SURE, our goal is to ensure our clients suffer no break-in and burglary-related issues at all costs. Therefore, it’s important for clients to enforce extra measures to safeguard their properties, alongside our remotely monitored CCTV system. While our system will be there whenever you need it to prevent crime – there are measures you can implement to deter burglars even further, and never even have them consider your home as a potential target. Some of these measures we recommend are listed below.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

RE:SURE is the company to turn to for your remote CCTV monitoring. Whether you are looking to protect your home, business premises or your own person while on the go, we have a service specifically tailored to your needs. What makes our services different is the fact that once you arm the system, and someone triggers it, our staff will be alerted immediately. They will be able to view the live feed coming from your cameras, challenge the intruder and let them know they are being watched, and if need be, alert the police, who will come at once. Our system does so much more than simply prevent burglary and break-ins, which is why we urge you to place your trust in us.

However, there are other things you can do to reduce the risk of burglary even further. Some of them include:

Use Lighting to your Advantage

It’s important to invest in the lighting of your property’s interior and exterior. Burglars get deterred from breaking into properties that have proper lighting. Thieves don’t like being spotted when they’re about to commit a crime. Therefore, we encourage our clients to use lighting to ensure our remote CCTV cameras work in their favour at all times, by capturing clear images that will enable the easy identification of burglars when necessary. Pay close attention to dark spots which have poor lighting or none at all. Ensure your bulbs are always in good working condition. Turn to a professional electrician to make sure your lighting system is in perfect working order, and keep your home well-lit.

Property Maintenance

Our experience tells us that businesses are often broken into due to the poor maintenance of their exteriors. Property owners should ensure their trees are groomed, unused vehicles stored and garbage dumpsters located away from the buildings, because they provide hiding spots for thieves. Doors and windows should also be made from quality materials, and lend a further sense of security to your property.

Safeguard your Valuables

Our company strives to deliver the best services related to remote CCTV monitoring, but we still advise our clients to have their valuables stored in a safe or any secure location they see fit. This means that even if a burglar is not deterred by our security system, and even if they do decide to ignore the warnings and try to make away with your valuables, they won’t actually get their hands on any, as they will safely be locked away, and thus out of the reach of any burglar. This of course does not mean you need to lock away your electronics and computers – we are referring to cash, passports and valuable jewelry.

Use Signs to Deter Burglars

After you have installed your CCTV system and have connected it with our security centre, make sure you advertise this fact with clear signs that will show any and all burglars that you are well protected. With so many dummy cameras around, not all burglars will be deterred by this fact, but once they are challenged by our security team, they will realize that your home is in fact under surveillance, and they will flee the premises right away. While these signs may not deter all criminals, some will certainly think twice before they attempt a break-in.

Prevent Unauthorised Entry

Make it difficult for burglars to access your premises by restricting unauthorised entry into your property. If you are a business, this means security tags, security codes and cards, which will make sure no one can enter your premises without you knowing about it.

This is especially important during working hours, when the RE:SURE system will most likely not be armed, and when your premises will not be monitored. Knowing who is coming and going will help you keep track of your employees, and prevent anyone from scanning your interiors and exteriors for weak spots they can later use to force their entry.

Shutters and Security Gates

Another great way to protect your premises is by making sure your garage, back yard, and the house itself is safely locked, by using shutters and security gates. Make sure your garage door is top notch and perfectly safe, as this is often the entry point of many a crime. Make sure your windows can never be opened from the outside, and add a deadbolt to the doors. You should also never leave your key anywhere on the premises – not even inside the house. You can leave a spare key with a neighbor if you want to make sure you can still get in your house if you lose your own set.

To make sure your property is completely safe however, turn to us at RE:SURE – we will connect your CCTV cameras with our security centre, and monitor your premises whenever you need us to. This will ensure no burglar goes unnoticed, and will most often prevent any actual break-in, once the offender realizes they are being watched. You will also have clear footage to provide for the police, in the unfortunate event of an actual burglary, and they will arrive on your premises much faster than if you relied on an alarm system. False alarms are not a rare occurrence, and the police often don’t treat alarms going off as a high priority – but when they get a call from our team letting them know a burglary is in progress, they will get there as fast as they can, and our team will be able to help them catch the offender.

Place you trust in us, and give us a call to learn more about our services.

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