Securing A Construction Site With Remote CCTV Monitoring

Did you know that 1 in 5 construction sites become victims of theft? Whatsmore, theft costs the construction industry £800m a year. With so much equipment lying around, construction sites can be huge targets for thieves. That’s why it’s essential security measures are put in place.

After all, not only does theft have financial consequences, but it can also delay the project especially if vital machinery gets stolen. Any intrusion may also cause health and safety implications if the project has been tampered with too.

With the rise of insurance costs to deal with plus frustrated workers, theft is and anti-social behaviour something that all construction sites can do without. Remote CCTV may just hold the answer and is cheaper and easier to install than you might think.

What Is Remote CCTV Monitoring? 

When it comes to securing construction sites, you have the option of hiring a security guard or installing CCTV. The issue with hiring someone is that it can be very costly, especially overnight or during public holidays. Traditional CCTV only captures what’s happening, and cannot stop anybody in the act.

However, remote CCTV fuses the human element and the ability to record what is taking place. It will identify the culprit and make you aware of any vulnerabilities in your site security.

Remote CCTV here at RE:SURE is connected to a control room and works on motion sensor activation. If any motion is detected, the images will beam live to our control room where we can monitor the situation. Whatsmore, it gives us the ability to issue verbal warnings and call the police, without even having to be on-site. Available 24/7, it will keep your construction site safe and secure at all times.

You don’t have to have new cameras installed either, as your current CCTV system can be converted with minimal disruption. We will also connect you to our app so that you can keep in the loop wherever you’re located.

How Remote CCTV Prevents Crime

  • Complete perimeter protection
  • Exterior intruder detection
  • Instantaneous audio detection
  • Action is taken before the damage is done
  • Keyholder & police notification

Securing Your CCTV Footage

install cctv

The security of your CCTV doesn’t just include the location itself, but also the cameras and how accessible they are to hackers or thieves. Unfortunately, criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated. As CCTV provides evidence (and can catch them in the act!) steps need to be taken to protect the footage and cameras too.

This starts with choosing the right location to place your CCTV. It needs to be somewhere that will cover all the main access points, and over a wide angle so that you avoid any blind spots. An expert CCTV installation will ensure this is the case, without the system being accessible to criminals.

In terms of the footage, larger operations such as construction sites should consider getting a dedicated server, as well as cloud storage. This will protect the footage in the event of a fire, flood or damage to the CCTV system. Whether such damage is accidental or deliberate, if the footage remains intact this could provide extremely useful, especially if it’s required for an investigation.

Get Remote CCTV For Your Business

If you own a construction site or any other business such as a retail outlet, petrol station or a warehouse etc – then remote CCTV monitoring will give you the best of both worlds. Not only will someone keep watch over your premises, but should any suspicious activity occur it will be dealt with immediately. This will give you protection and peace of mind.

Are you looking to install CCTV in your business or home? Get in touch on IRE 01 691 7100 | UK 028 8676 1183 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

If you’re interested in other ways to secure your construction site, take a look at the UK construction blog for a few more ideas!

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