Security Tips For Working From Home

Due to recent circumstances, you’ve likely found yourself working from home for the first time. While your attention might be on Zoom meetings and trying to homeschool the kids (if applicable), you’re probably not spending a lot of time thinking about your security. After all, when you are working from home you are guarding your property, right?

While this is true to some extent, there are ways in which criminals will still be looking to target you. So, here are our top tips to outsmart them so you can protect your home and possessions.


Don’t forget your home security too! Having CCTV on your residential property is always a good idea. It could act as vital evidence should anyone try to break into your home or cause criminal damage. Plus, with RE:SURE your home CCTV is being monitored and can even give out a verbal warning as well as providing intruder detection for your home. After all, working from home doesn’t make your property immune from criminals. If you have work computers or other valuable assets at home, this is even more reason to make sure your property is secure.

If you choose to upgrade even further, being able to use a proactive remote home CCTV monitoring system means that you can be released as you work thought the day, inside or out!

2. VPN

A VPN (or virtual private network) allows you to securely connect to the internet without being tracked or traced. If you live in a building that has a public WiFi system, then your data could also be at risk. Given most of us online shop and exchange other personal information on the internet, having a secure connection couldn’t be more important. Especially when your work information is now also being shared on the same network. The best part is that VPNs are incredibly easy to use and install so there’s no need to be a tech whizz to get the benefits.

3. Antivirus

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who intend to do harm on the internet rather than good. One such group of people is those who create computer viruses and other malware. While viruses infecting your computer isn’t great at the best of times, if you are handling sensitive client information then a virus is even more disastrous. That’s why it’s a good idea to install antivirus software. If you are downloading files be sure to scan them first before opening.

4. Regular Updates

Be honest, how many times have you hit the ‘remind me tomorrow’ button when your computer prompts you to update a program or browser? To ensure the safety of your computer and the files stored on it, you should regularly update your machine. Browsers are especially important because the companies who own them are continually developing them to protect users against cyber threats. If your browser hasn’t been updated for some time, this could leave you vulnerable to attacks.

5. Phishing Scams

Unsolicited phone calls and emails that mimic trusted providers are just some of the ways scammers are currently targeting people. This also includes those who have used the current situation to trick people into thinking they are owed money. Phishing scams are designed to look authentic which is how they manage to catch so many people out. A top tip is to check the email address of the sender, as usually, this is the biggest giveaway. Never give out your passwords or bank account information, and call up the company directly (if they are legitimate) if you are unsure about an email or phone call you’ve received.

To Sum Up

When you are working from home, it pays to take the time to ensure your property and tech are not vulnerable to theft or damage. There are many different ways in which criminals can target you, and one of the best ways to protect yourself is to keep up to speed with what to look out for. By taking the above steps, it will help ensure you do not become victim to what is often a very distressing or at best, frustrating attack.

Are you looking to upgrade your home CCTV? Perhaps you’d like advice about any of the points we’ve mentioned above? Drop us a line on IRE 01 691 7100 | UK 028 8676 1183 and our friendly team will be in touch.

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