Staying Secure Over Christmas

For most of us, Christmas is a time for spending time with our loved ones, making memories and counting down to the new year. For opportunist thieves however, it’s a time to raid your home or business when you least expect it.

According to UK Crime Stats, there were 316,110 reported burglaries between January and October 2019, an average of around 30,000 per month. When a burglary happens, it’s devastating both financially as well as emotionally.

Here at Re:Sure, we want all of our customers to have a safe and happy Christmas, so here’s our top tips to staying secure over the festive season.

Think Before You Post

Social media is an amazing tool for connecting with friends and family, but it can also expose you to people who are looking to steal from you too. While you absolutely should double check privacy settings, making sure your content isn’t viewable by everyone, it’s still essential to think before you post.

For example, lavish Christmas gifts posted all over Facebook could encourage a burglary. In addition, did you know that some insurers will reject your claim if you posted on social media that you are on holiday, and was burgled as a result?

While it’s a natural inclination in this digital age to want to post about everything, always consider whether it could be putting your home or business at risk. As a side note, remember to never post your address or details online.

Invest In Good Security

Burglar alarms are fine, but will they actually notify intruders that they’ve been captured on camera and that emergency services are on the way? Our systems will do just that, plus they will work through the night as well as the daytime – So, if an intruder strikes,  we’ll know about it before they’ve even had a chance to do anything!

Securing your home or business premises with a high tech security system such as ours, gives you peace of mind. After all, it’s impossible to monitor a building 24/7, and even CCTV will only capture what’s gone on after it’s already happened. Stop them in their tracks and secure your property at the same time!

Don’t Take Chances

It sounds obvious to say it, but it’s actually easy to forget the most basic of security checks – especially when everyone is having a good time. For example, not locking the doors at night, forgetting to close windows or even leaving your keys near the door, are just some of the things that can attract burglars.

Have a mental checklist before you leave the office, or before you go to bed when at home. Ensure everything is locked, keys are out of sight and any alarms are set.

In Summary

The only people who have a ‘merry Christmas’ following a break-in are the burglars, so don’t let that be the case this Christmas!

By taking steps to secure your home and business, you can make sure your property isn’t a present waiting to be unwrapped by thieves.

Are looking to install CCTV in your business or home? Drop us a line on IRE 01 691 7100 | UK 028 8676 1183 and our friendly team will be in touch.

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