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Did you know there are over 422,000 burglaries in England and Wales every year? Having your home ransacked by thieves is a very distressing experience. As well as the shock of having your items stolen and the damage caused to your house, the incident can have a lasting effect. Some homeowners never feel safe in their property again. Unfortunately, criminals will look for any opportunity to steal and our homes that contain all our worldly possessions.

In today’s post, we will discuss some key home protection tips you can follow to ensure yours isn’t a prime target.

Get A Burglar Alarm

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Just 31% of homes in the UK have a burglar alarm and while installing one is not a one-stop-shop to prevent break-ins, it can act as a deterrent. There are several types of burglar alarms such as those which ring and also ones that are silent so that thieves do not know the police are on their way. The alarm can be linked to your devices for when you are not at home, as well as neighbours or the police.

A benefit of burglar alarms is that they will alert you when someone has entered your home, as unless they know the code they have no purpose being there. Without one, you’ll only know once the damage has been done. If you happen to be on holiday at the time, it could be weeks until you are alerted making catching the perpetrator unlikely.

Install CCTV

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It’s impossible to have eyes and ears on your property at all times. This is especially the case if you happen to be on holiday! The great thing about CCTV is; not only does it capture exactly what has happened and when (which can then be used as evidence) but it can also offer verbal warnings to anyone who does try their luck. CCTV can be positioned anywhere, but obvious places to include is over entryways such as doors and windows where thieves could potentially break-in.

To get the best out of your CCTV, it’s always a good idea to regularly check your cameras are positioned correctly and working. They may also require regular cleans as debris on the camera lens may obscure the image. Adding a motion-sensor security light near cameras also helps because it alerts those who approach your property that you have systems in place, and will enhance the image quality in low light conditions.

Secure Your Windows And Doors

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Have a walk around the perimeter of your home, and imagine you are a thief looking for an opportunity to strike. Can you see any chances to do so? Examples are doors or windows that have been left unlocked or those which would be easy to break into. If your windows are single glazed or do not have a lock, then they could be vulnerable. Likewise, if your front door does not have any security locks or features then it would be easy to wedge open by thieves.

While upgrading windows and doors can be costly, if your current ones aren’t secure then it’s a must. Additional features you can add include a chain on the door and for high-crime areas shutters or bars on the windows. While the latter doesn’t always look appealing, it will create a physical barrier between thieves and your home. It’s definitely worth considering if you live in a high risk area.

Don’t Advertise Your Holidays

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When we go on holiday it can be tempting to tag in at the airport or share pics from the pool. Just think about this for a second though. Can you be 100% sure that every person who may view this information can be trusted? Even if you haven’t given out your address to each of your contacts, there may be ways your personal info is easily searchable online.

If your page is public, would-be thieves could be deliberately looking for opportunities. Worse still, if you are burgled after posting that you are away on social media, it could even invalidate your home insurance. Other ways it can be obvious you’ve gone on holiday is if mail or deliveries pile up at the door. So just be mindful about what messages (whether intentional or not) you are sending out.

Keep Keys Out Of Sight

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Most of us without thinking about it, leave our keys near the front door at night. When you are on holiday, keys may also be left under plant pots or other obvious places. Thieves will be looking out for any keys as they make their job a whole lot easier. If you have someone who will be checking up on your home or even staying in it while you are away, be sure they don’t leave keys in obvious places.

Also, be mindful of who currently has or in the past has had access to your keys. For example, friends, family, tradesmen etc. That’s because without you realising they can make copies of your keys to use while you are away. It’s also a good idea not to put your address (or any personal information) on your keys. If they are lost and handed back to you, there’s no guarantee the person hasn’t made a copy either.

To Sum Up

Home security is an important issue which we take seriously here at RE:SURE. By following the above home protection tips you can help keep your property safe.

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