The Effect Of 5G On CCTV Monitoring

Technology is constantly improving at breakneck speed. This matters because the greater the advances in technology the better the product and service users will receive. The demand on data has never been greater, and this challenge is set to be met by the rollout of 5G which is currently underway across the UK. As most CCTV systems are digitally connected 5G will have a big impact on the functionality as a whole.

So, what exactly is 5G and how will it benefit your CCTV systems? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is 5G?

5G stands for ‘fifth generation’ and is a software-defined network. While 5G won’t replace cables entirely it will reduce the need for them as it will largely operate on the cloud. Compared with its predecessor 4G, 5G will have 100x the capacity which will dramatically increase internet speeds. For example, to download a 2 hour film on 3G it would take about 26 hours. On 4G this would increase to 6 minutes and with 5G it will take just over 3 seconds. As well as internet speeds response times will also be much faster. This means it will take around 1 millisecond to respond to commands with 5G.

The factors of 5G that make up its improvement take into consideration the peak data rate, real-world speed, latency, efficiency, mobility and connection density. What does that all mean? Essentially 5G will be faster and more reliable than any connection we’ve seen before. It will bring our connection up with the heavy data consumption most of us go through on a daily basis. Spinning wheel, anyone?


security camera

As CCTV systems integrate technology within their picture quality and connectivity, an upgrade to 5G is great news. That’s because the faster the control centre (or you at home on an app) can see what is going on, the quicker it can be responded to. This is in addition to having better evidence through clearer imagery to convict a perpetrator should anyone cause any damage or break into your property.

After all, video recording on CCTV uses up a lot of data. Slow connections are prone to lagging. This is the last thing you’d want to see should a break-in be in progress. This is why 5G is such an exciting development as its set to offer the fastest speeds and connectivity we’ve ever seen. As a result, your images will be incredibly clear. What’s more, as 5G is mostly based on the cloud it means any footage you do need to send to the police can be done so faster than ever.

To Sum Up

The rollout of 5G will make it harder than ever for criminals to attempt damage or theft. Not to mention evade justice if they do so. CCTV cameras will be able to cover their every move in crystal clear detail. This will be sent faster than ever before to control rooms and mobile devices. Compared with CCTV systems of the past 5G is a real breakthrough. Millions of homeowners and businesses are set to benefit and not just in terms of how fast they can download a movie in! Once 5G is rolled out across the whole country CCTV users will see a vast improvement to their response times and connectivity.

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