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What Are Smart Locks And Are They A Good Investment?

Technology is ever changing and security features we can use to protect our homes and businesses are no exception. One of the latest gadgets to emerge on the market are smart locks.

Smart locks are a digital entry system that is used instead of a traditional key. Users can enter the building either using a passcode or via an app on their phone. Some smart locks also allow for digital keys to be shared to friends or family in case of emergency or for convenience.

But are smart locks a good investment? Let’s take a look…

Smart Locks Pros

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  • Removes the need to carry a key
  • The lock cannot be picked like a traditional key entry system
  • Easy to share keys between trusted parties
  • Much more difficult to break into even with brute force
  • Embraces technology
  • No more money spent on a locksmith or key cutting

Smart Locks Cons

  • The software is just as important as physical device as some have hacker vulnerabilities
  • Not all smart locks are compatible with all smartphones
  • Expensive to install
  • No contingency if the manufacturer goes out of business. Could you suddenly be locked out of your home as a result?
  • Could be difficult for emergency services to access your home if required

The Verdict

Smart locks are undoubtedly the future in terms of streamlining our lives to become more efficient. If you consider more of us are even ditching the traditional wallet in favour of our phone and a key, how long will it be until our phones can also replace the key? With a smart lock, that’s essentially what’s happened.

However, for where we are currently there are some doubts especially where the security of smart locks are concerned. An ethical hacker for the gadget show who reviewed a range of smart locks, noted that there is yet to be cohesion between the manufacturers making the physical elements of the lock, and the security experts who design the user platforms behind them.

There is also the issue that the current smart locks on the market cannot notify you should your device be in the process of being tampered with or destroyed. So, you’d need to combine your smart lock with a home monitoring CCTV monitoring device.

Plus, there’s the issue of if you lose your phone, or if the user isn’t technologically advanced or even has impairments, meaning they are unable to use the smart lock. So in essence, smart locks are an exciting development but definitely need some refinement before they get a green tick from the experts.

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