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What is Off Site Monitoring & How Does it work?

Security is such a big part of everyone’s lives now but it’s still a very overlooked aspect of everything that we do. From checking your privacy and cookie settings when browsing the web to installing CCTV around your property and investing in off-site monitoring. These things are all must-know information to stay protected.

While normal CCTV can be helpful, often this is after the fact and the damage has already been done. With that in mind, paring CCTV with a monitoring system can be very handy and help to stop crime before it happens and prevent any damages.

security camera

What is Off-Site Monitoring?

In short, off site CCTV monitoring is a setup in which a remote team is connected to your CCTV system in order to monitor your property, workspace or any other setting so that they can protect the people and possessions within.

A live video feed will be sent to the control room so that once the system is triggered, a trained member of staff can take action and make sure that you’re safe. They can call the local authorities and they can be there in time to keep you safe and even prevent any damage.

With real-time detection, these kinds of systems can be armed at any time and work around the clock to ensure that everyone and everything is safe.

How does Off Site Monitoring work?

A monitoring centre will patch into your security system using a strong and secure broadband connection. This means that the monitoring centre can connect to almost any existing or new system with ease. Once the setup process is complete the monitoring centre is ready to protect you.

The last authorised person on the premises can arm the system so that once they leave, the area is still secure and looked after. As mentioned above, a live video feed is sent to the monitoring centre when the system is triggered. This is often done using mention sensors that detect malicious movement or people trying the gain entry to the property.

So, once it’s triggered and the team of trained operators in the off site monitoring centre are notified and they’re able to take action. This will usually come in the form of verbal commands to deter the potential intruder from continuing their assault. They’ll also be able to call the local authorities so that they can get to the location as soon as possible.

Will it help me?

There are a number of different applications for this style of security, it can be adapted to suit your needs and make sure that you’re safe at all times.

You can use off site monitoring at home if you’d like to. Using off site monitoring is great for if you’re home alone, your family works away a lot or you’d like to make sure that your property is safe whenever you’re not there. It’s important to make sure that you’re protecting your home and its content because the hassle and impact that a burglary can have are often devastating.

You may also be interested in protecting your business! This is something that many business owners take the opportunity to implement because it’s so effective. By having someone off site, you’re often able to save money when comparing the cost to a guard for example.


So, if you’re interested in protecting your home or business, get in touch with our team here at Re:sure.


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