Where To Position Your CCTV Cameras At Home

Installing CCTV is one of the best ways to protect your home against unwanted intruders. That being said, the positioning of your cameras can have a huge impact on their effectiveness. After all, there’s little point having cameras if they aren’t positioned correctly to capture what’s going on. The last thing you’d want is to need your CCTV for vital evidence, only to find it didn’t capture what you needed.

Considering the location of your CCTV is therefore of huge importance. Here are our top recommendations on where to place yours to help you get the most out of your system.

The Front Door

Think of where a burglar would most likely try and enter the property. One of the obvious spots is entryways such as your front door. It’s estimated around 1 in 5 people leave their doors unlocked at night, and intruders are wise to this. Hence, you’ll often find social media posts on neighbourhood watch groups where people have been seen trying doors. As well as ensuring yours are locked, installing a CCTV camera at home in view of your front door will act as a deterrent.

Ground Floor Windows

It’s not just doors people try and break into, as windows are particularly vulnerable too. This is especially the case when they are located on the ground floor. Ideally, you should have secure windows that are of good quality and have a robust locking system. You can also use shutters or similar methods to protect your windows becoming an entry point for vandals or intruders. By having home CCTV cover your ground floor windows too, this will add yet another layer of protection for your property.


Thieves don’t always have to get inside your property to cause damage. From stealing your vehicle to removing copper piping from the roof, or just causing a general nuisance – you need to stop them in their tracks. The best way to do this is by installing home CCTV that covers your building perimeters. This could be the entrance to your business or your front garden at home. Another advantage of this technique is that you’ll be able to build a better picture of what they are doing. Plus, with RE:SURE home CCTV systems we are able to offer a verbal warning that will ensure they leave swiftly before the police are called.

Any Other Entryways

Are there any other ways intruders could break into your home? An example is a low flat roof which they would be able to scale to reach upper floors. Or back/side doors that you might not have thought of because they aren’t the way you normally enter the home. Remember, intruders will look for clever ways to enter your home that aren’t always obvious. Protecting these spots will give you peace of mind especially if you aren’t at home when a theft is attempted.

Top Tips

While the correct positioning of your CCTV cameras is crucial to deter intruders or capture vital evidence, there are some other top tips that can help too. Firstly, ensure the cameras benefit from adequate lighting especially at night. Installing motion-sensor activated lights outside your property can help with this. You should also ensure you regularly clean the lens of your CCTV cameras so that dirt or debris doesn’t obscure the view. Finally, if you have any trees or shrubbery near to your cameras, be sure to cut these back so they don’t block the view of the camera either.

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