Keypad Faults

Why Keypads are Fatally Flawed for Security

Keypads are popular security systems for residential and commercial buildings alike. The seemingly secure system, where users tap in a pre-set code, is often viewed as safer and more convenient than the traditional lock and key.

Homeowners and businesses have increasingly opted for this form of security system for a number of reasons. Firstly, keys can be easily lost, stolen or replicated, leaving property owners vulnerable to a break in.

Another reason people prefer keypads is that the code can be changed as often as is necessary. If staff leave or new tenants move in, codes can easily be switched, providing tight security. In addition, some keypads provide the option of secondary codes. This means that temporary codes can be activated during the day, for say a cleaner, and then deactivated at night.

However, keypads don’t necessarily offer the advanced security system that many expect. In fact, the cons with these systems often outweigh the positives. So, to shed more light on the matter, we’ve rounded up some of the main reasons why security keypads are fatally flawed.

1. Eagle-eyed Opportunists

Like when you enter your chip and pin number in a shop, opportunists can easily catch the numbers you type in if they really want to. The same goes for security keypads in any public area.

For example, in an apartment block, a criminal could easily lurk close to the keypad and pretend to be waiting for someone. Once they catch sight of the code being entered, they effectively have free, uninterrupted access to the building. It would often take a break in before property owners realise the security of the keypad has been compromised.

2. Keypad Wear and Tear

It may seem obvious, but many people are guilty of neglecting this telltale security issue. Over time, the buttons you press will become worn. Whether the plastic wares or the buttons start to fade, thieves will be able to pinpoint the frequently used numbers and know that there are only so many combinations to crack.

3. Electrical Issues

Yes, they can and do happen, meaning you could be left stranded outside with no way of getting in. Some keypads do have backup power, but for those that don’t, it can be a real flaw.

4. Data Hacks

No form of data is immune to hacks nowadays. Sophisticated criminals are able to access our personal data now far easier than ever before. This means that anything from a simple text message to a company-wide email is at risk.

So, sharing the updated access code in a text or email means that it’s vulnerable to being leaked. It may seem unlikely, but it’s just as important for individuals to remember this as it is for businesses. The key issue here is that your code could be intercepted without you even knowing, leaving your home or business vulnerable to a break in.

5. No Intervention

Once thieves have the code, there is very little that can be done to prevent them from entering a property. Other security systems, such as our real-time Smart CCTV cameras, offer the means to intervene and prevent a crime from happening in the first place.

In Conclusion

Whilst keypads can have their benefits, there are some security breaches which cannot be prevented. Opportunists and data hackers are becoming more prevalent and increasingly aware of the fatal flaws keypads present.

There are now plenty more security systems on the market that often offer more advanced features, helping you to prevent crime and protect your property. If you’d like to learn more about our smart CCTV cameras and how they can help you specifically, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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