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Why Non-Monitored CCTV is a Waste of Time

Many businesses, local authorities and homeowners across the country have traditional non-monitored CCTV cameras installed as a matter of principle. In fact, the UK alone has 4-5.9 million cameras which is one of the highest totals in the world.

But are they effective?

Whilst some footage may stand up in court and help to prosecute criminals, non-monitored CCTV cameras don’t actually prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Here’s our round-up of reasons why non-monitored CCTV is a waste of time.

1. The identification process

Yes, some criminals may be put off by the very sight of a camera but, in many cases, this isn’t enough to stop them. In this country a CCTV presence is practically expected, so undeterred criminals will go to great lengths to protect their identity, which often deems footage useless.

Even if an individual is not disguised, an unknown person would have to make up 100% of the screen to be identifiable. This, therefore, makes relying on footage after a crime has been committed problematic.

2. Wasted time and resource

Another key issue with non-monitored CCTV is the amount of time that has to be spent sifting through footage to find the event. This can equate to valuable staff downtime and may not even result in a prosecution if the footage is deemed inadmissible in court.

3. Court regulations

Whilst many people believe that all CCTV footage will stand up as evidence in court, it’s not always the case. There are a number of requirements which must be met for footage to be passable.

Any footage or images presented to a court has to be watermarked or time stamped. Plus, measures have to be in place which guarantees the footage has not been compromised. Even when the perpetrator is clearly visible in the footage, if the above criteria are not met, it will not stand as evidence, making it difficult to prosecute.

4. Personal safety

Whilst CCTV can help to solve a crime after the event, it does not protect staff or homeowners directly involved at the time. Armed robberies cannot be prevented through non-monitored CCTV, leaving people at risk.

5. Staff fraud or theft

Whilst many employers have little reason to doubt their team, UK businesses reported over £40m in losses from employee fraud and theft in 2017. This type of crime ranges from data theft to pocketing cash from the registrar and stealing corporate goods.

Whilst CCTV cannot necessarily prevent fraud and data theft, stealing physical goods and cash can be monitored. However, there is very little a business can do to prevent these crimes using non-monitored CCTV.

6. Graffiti or vandalism

Again, with non-monitored CCTV, this type of crime cannot be prevented. Vandals are at liberty to damage properties with little deterrent. Whilst cameras can record the crime, investigations can only take place after the damage has been done.

7. Damages and losses to businesses

Crimes can be extremely costly to businesses. Staff downtime, damage to premises, site closures, insurance claims and criminal investigations can all have a severe impact. Once the crime has been committed, there is very little businesses can do but pay out and take time to get the compensation they need.

So what’s the solution?

Thanks to technological advancements over the past few years, businesses and homeowners are now able to protect their properties with monitored CCTV.

When observed with a 24/7 surveillance team, CCTV can be a powerful and highly effective security system. Instead of having to watch a crime back after it’s been committed, our smart CCTV cameras help to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Using sophisticated video analytics, our cameras are able to automatically detect activity and alert our security team who provide instantaneous audio intervention. Authorities and key holders are alerted when necessary which prevents crime from being committed.

This system also helps to prevent false alarms, which are a common issue with some burglar alarms. Instead, our security team can watch your premises in real time and identify whether or not there is a genuine threat.

This live intervention system also provides the means to actively speak to perpetrators and prevent any wrongdoing. Our highly trained Control Centre Operators have a collective experience of over 80 years within the security industry, meaning they are able to effectively intervene with any criminal activity.

Our clients, therefore, no longer have to sift through CCTV footage, hoping that the perpetrator is recognisable. Instead, they have the peace of mind that their premises has 24/7 live surveillance designed to prevent the need to rewatch a crime after it has been committed.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business with high-risk sites, we can design cost-effective solutions tailored to suit your requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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