For your business, your home and you.

We provide a new level of security for our end users. We obsess about service and in conjunction with our install partners, use innovative technologies to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

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Our Services

Why Installers and End Users chose RE:SURE

Transforming your CCTV

If a property already has record-only CCTV cameras, we have technology that your install partner can use to quickly convert them into a RE:SURE monitored CCTV system. Your upgraded system can detect intruders as soon as they cross your boundary and are connected to the RE:SURE Control Centre, where we immediately respond. This conversion can be done in less than a day.

Service, service, service

We obsess about service. This is security and every action counts. We have technical support and customer support teams working to assist our install partners and end-users with any issues to ensure quick and effective troubleshooting.

Our ARC team is continually retrained and we can count on decades worth of experience in the Control Centre. We are open and transparent with all our dealings with customers and partners alike.

Complete Peace of Mind

We believe that the service we provide should not only secure our end users’ premises but also their peace of mind.

Both our install partners and end-users are able to rest easy, knowing that RE:SURE is looking after businesses and homes using state of the art technology and highly trained operators.

RE:SURE is an independent, fully accredited remote security monitoring centre.

Our core focus is on CCTV monitoring, where we relentlessly fous on both the core service provision and technical & customer support. We constantly make strides to benefit our clients through innovation, world-class service and advancements in technology.

RE:SURE does not install, preferring to partner with quality installation partners all over Ireland and the UK. If you are an integrator/installer, you can learn more about us by clicking here.

What our customers say

  • “We use RE:SURE exclusively for all of our CCTV and alarm monitoring needs. They are an ARC with a difference, pro-active with solutions that work and with an entire customer success team behind the scenes that look after our company and our clients, ensuring for their overall satisfaction, without me needing to get involved. Their focus on being up to date with the best technology available in CCTV Monitoring is a superb value add for us – I explain my needs and they come up with the solution to fit. ”
    Paddy Malone, - Managing Director, Secure Systems
  • “In terms of an easy to implement and scalable solution to our duty of care obligation, RE:SURE GO was perfect. All of our employees had smart phones already, so with no upfront capital outlay and a really cost effective monthly subscription, we were suddenly covered. The whole onboarding process took just a few hours . ”
    Frank Donnelly, - APS Solutions
  • “When we got broken into and watched how the break-in unfolded, it dawned us that our CCTV system wasn’t helping us. With minimal effort and spend, RE:SURE have turned our existing passive CCTV into an active system that has since prevented potential further break-ins and hence saved us a small fortune. ”
    Kyle Smith, - R&M Greenkeepers
  • “RE:SURE gave us a complete security solution which removed the guard at the gate, replacing it with their Remote Access Control solution. We now have a more cost-effective solution that gives us complete confidence & which is quite simply better than the previous solution. We now have lower overheads & secure 24-7 site access. ”
    Paul McKeown, - Managing Director, TR Logistics
  • “For me, what makes RE:SURE stand out from the crowd is their courteous manner and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Their technical support team is second to none. ”
    Billy Tarrant, - Head of Procurement, Dairygold
  • “It’s the future. Simple as that, if you have assets outside, and have CCTV, then not using it to detect intruders is like having a car and not driving it. RE:SURE gives us absolute peace of mind. ”
    Simon Smyth, - John Paul Construction
  • “RE:SURE provide us with a security solution that we simply could not afford if it was done by on-site guards. Not only that, RE:SURE is actually superior to having a manned guard on site – they don’t miss a thing. ”
    John Coleman, - DAF Ireland