With RE:SURE GO your phone becomes your own personal safety app and panic alarm which is always connected to us.
Starting from €12.50/£9.99 per month

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How RE:SURE GO works

Switch on RE:SURE GO

Simply open RE:SURE GO to let us know you are out and about. You will now be connected to our 24-7 Control Centre. You are now being looked after by your RE:SURE safety app.

One Simple Shake

One shake alerts our 24-7 Control Centre, sending us your exact GPS location and video/audio clips of what is happening.

Our Response

RE:SURE will implement your bespoke protocols, immediately contacting you, liaise with your emergency contacts if necessary and contacting the emergency services, if required.

Always with you

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you will have the comfort of knowing someone is looking after you and your family.

Feel Secure wherever you are

You can now have the comfort of knowing that RE:SURE’s highly trained operatives will be with you wherever you are, be it:

  • Walking home at night
  • Coming home from school
  • Taking a taxi or late bus home
  • Whilst out walking, running or cycling
  • In an unfamiliar environment

Feel Safe. Always

“It’s my own personal alarm/panic button. RE:SURE GO is really handy for those times that you’re feeling unsafe (for example when getting a taxi home late at night) and need peace of mind that help is at hand at moments a notice. At just €9.99 per month, it’s well worth it.”

Jane Young, Dublin

Taking care of your family

“I would like to thank RE:SURE for the peace of mind I now have since my university going children have signed up with RE:SURE GO personal safety app. I used to worry incessantly knowing the dangers that are everywhere and knowing that many times my children would be walking or travelling alone.

Now I sleep soundly knowing that help is always there for them.”

Eileen Thompson, Belfast

Looking after you

“Everyone should have RE:SURE GO! As a female who loves running it’s comforting to know that RE:SURE are looking after me while I’m out running on dark winter mornings and evenings. Since my phone is with me everywhere I go, so are RE:SURE.”

Helena Walsh, Dublin

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Please note, trial accounts can currently only be set up during office hours, Monday-Friday 9am-530pm.

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