Better CCTV monitoring

Experience a different approach. We have better solutions, provide better service and provide a better experience for you, and your customer.

Start using RE:SURE and see your customer retention rate soar.

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A Better CCTV Monitoring Solution For You And Your Customers

At RE:SURE we focus on making CCTV monitoring as hassle-free as possible. We have a fresh approach. which we believe is completely different to our competitors.

As part of the Fortus Group, we are a trade-focused, NSI Gold monitoring company. We are CCTV Monitoring experts, with over 100 collective years of private security experience built up within our team. CCTV is in our DNA, with the company being founded in 2007 with the single focus of bringing CCTV Monitoring into the mainstream via our install partners.

Since we focus purely on the quality of service delivery, we have developed a service and associated solutions that are totally unique within the industry. These have been designed specifically to make our installation partners’ lives easier, ensuring full transparency and a hassle-free experience.

Switch your CCTV Monitoring to RE:SURE and benefit from better solutions, better service and a better experience for you and your customers.

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Better Support

We have experienced and dedicated technical, operational and sales support to help you and your company as much as you need to lean us.

Our technical support team has a combined 20 years of experience dealing with systems such as Hikvision, Dahua, Avigilon, Adpro, Davantis and Camect to ensure as hassle-free a commissioning process as possible.

All of our install partners have dedicated Internal Account Managers to assist your company in all aspects of configuration and ongoing management of your systems.

Better Solutions

Not one app, but two. This is just a small insight into our innovative approach and how we bring value-added solutions to our clients. We have solutions to all of the major headaches associated with CCTV monitoring, from best in class 4G connectivity to innovative power solutions.

RE:SURE I/O makes arming and disarming CCTV systems easy, making your customers’ lives easier and hence improving your customer retention.

RE:SURE GO is an easy to use app for personal protection on the go, allowing you the opportunity to bundle this with the other monitored services that you provide to your customer.


Better Experience

We run Sentinel Plus by Monitor Computer Systems, which we believe to be the best general-purpose monitoring platform available. Both desktop and mobile apps are available to all our install partners, giving total transparency and easy access to your accounts.

We know how important the customer journey is, so we have developed bespoke multi-layered reporting which ensures all stakeholders are always in the know to a level that you are comfortable with. We even run proactive system fault checking for all our clients.

Our Control Centre is purpose-built, and is an NSI GOLD, category II BS:5797, BS:8418 rated ARC, with all required redundancies in place. We accept CSL and all versions of common IP signalling – including Risco, HKC and GSD.

Barry O’ Loughlin – Barcall

“RE;SURE are an integral part of the relationship I enjoy with my clients. They are progressive, innovative and have their finger on the pulse of the remote monitoring market. They bring a level of integrity, openness and honesty to everything they do within the industry and it’s a pleasure working with them. They have embedded themselves firmly into the core of my business and I couldn’t be happier”