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Install Partners

RE:SURE is a service provider which is in a significant stage of growth. The company has positioned itself to cater to a number of industry sizes and segments. RE:SURE are a dedicated service provider and wish to work with install partners across the entire island of Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Since we focus purely on the quality of our service, our strategy is to work with local installers who can react quickly and effectively to a problem on site. This means that our end-users have a speedy and hassle free resolution to any problem. Through the growing strength of our brand, we will bring you work. We also work hand in hand with all of our install partners to provide a superior standard of service to their customers.

We are actively seeking more install partners in Ireland and the UK, so please make contact with us today if you feel that you would like to be part of our team.

We do not compete with any of our partners. RE:SURE pride ourselves on our professionalism and the relationships we have formed within the industry.
We respect the relationship you have with your clients. We understand the time that you have spent establishing trust with your customers and we will always work with you to provide the best possible solution for them.

We work all over Ireland and the UK, and need to have highly professional installers all over both countries. So we should be in a position to bring you installations and maintenance contracts.

We have a number of install partners who will testify to our transparency and trustworthy nature.

What & How we monitor
We run Sentinel Plus by Monitor Computer Systems, which we believe to be best general purpose montioring platform available. We also have a technical support team of three, dedicated to CCTV configuration issues and requirements, with a deep knowledge of Advanced Video Analytics. In particular this knowledge extends to Avigilon – ACC and Rialto , Xtralis/Honeywell – Adpro, Heitel, Davantis, VaelSys and Agent VI. In addition we bring in HikVision, GeoVision, PSS/IC Realtime/Qvis, Tele-eye, RSI Videofied

Our Control Centre is purpose built, and is a category II BS5797 rated ARC, with all required failovers in place. We accept CSL and all versions of comon IP signalling – including HKC and GSD.


Barry O’ Loughlin – Barcall

“RE;SURE are an integral part of the relationship I enjoy with my clients. They are progressive, innovative and have their finger on the pulse of the remote monitoring market. They bring a level of integrity, openness and honesty to everything they do within the industry and it’s a pleasure working with them. They have embedded themselves firmly into the core of my business and I couldn’t be happier”

  • “In terms of an easy to implement and scalable solution to our duty of care obligation, RE:SURE GO was perfect. All of our employees had smart phones already, so with no upfront capital outlay and a really cost effective monthly subscription, we were suddenly covered. The whole onboarding process took just a few hours . ”
    Frank Donnelly, - APS Solutions
  • “At Kingspan we move with the times. RE:SURE gives us a total premises security solution for a fraction of the cost of what we were paying before. All HGVs that enter & exit the premises are authorised & logged by RE:SURE. We have complete visibility of who has come onto our premises 24-7. ”
    Pat Freeman, - Managing Director, Kingspan Insulation
  • “When we got broken into and watched how the break-in unfolded, it dawned us that our CCTV system wasn’t helping us. With minimal effort and spend, RE:SURE have turned our existing passive CCTV into an active system that has since prevented potential further break-ins and hence saved us a small fortune. ”
    Kyle Smith, - R&M Greenkeepers
  • “RE:SURE gave us a complete security solution which removed the guard at the gate, replacing it with their Remote Access Control solution. We now have a more cost-effective solution that gives us complete confidence & which is quite simply better than the previous solution. We now have lower overheads & secure 24-7 site access. ”
    Paul McKeown, - Managing Director, TR Logistics
  • “For me, what makes RE:SURE stand out from the crowd is their courteous manner and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Their technical support team is second to none. ”
    Billy Tarrant, - Head of Procurement, Dairygold
  • “It’s the future. Simple as that, if you have assets outside, and have CCTV, then not using it to detect intruders is like having a car and not driving it. RE:SURE gives us absolute peace of mind. ”
    Simon Smyth, - John Paul Construction
  • “RE:SURE provide us with a security solution that we simply could not afford if it was done by on-site guards. Not only that, RE:SURE is actually superior to having a manned guard on site – they don’t miss a thing. ”
    John Coleman, - DAF Ireland