RE:SURE Home - Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer all of the most common questions about RE:SURE Home in the section below. However, if you have any queries that are not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

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What is RE:SURE Home?

RE:SURE Home is the ultimate in home security. Unlike alarms, which just “alarm” a break-in that is already in progress, RE:SURE Home prevents the burglary from ever happening. A real person intervenes via audio challenge the moment an intruder steps foot on your grounds. This closes the “window of opportunity” and results in the intruder fleeing before they ever break in.

How does RE:SURE Home work?

RE:SURE uses Smart CCTV cameras that have the ability to detect people and cars that are in the camera’s view. These cameras are connected to the RE:SURE 24-7 Control Centre by broadband. If someone comes onto your premises, our operatives intervene by issuing an audio challenge to that person, telling them they have been identified and that they must immediately vacate the premises and that the authorities have been called.

I already have CCTV cameras, can you use them?

Yes, we can! In fact, this is our speciality. If you have CCTV cameras already, you have made half of the journey. We can transform these cameras into “smart” cameras so that the only extra piece of work that is required is getting audio facilities on the property.

We can use pretty much any type of camera, as long as they have a clear view of the area of interest day and night.

Why is RE:SURE Home so effective in preventing break-ins?

Burglars these days are professional and highly organised. More often than not, they will “scope out” a home several times before attempting to burgle it. This allows them to see what is inside, and then plan their entry and escape route afterwards. Even if there is a monitored alarm system that will go off once they enter, they also know that they have a “window of opportunity” to get in and out before any response occurs.

With RE:SURE Home, the window of opportunity is completely closed on the criminals, as they are detected by the smart camera system when they are on your grounds, not in your house. Our highly trained operators immediately intervene with audio, sounding a very loud alarm (and even switching on lights, if available). Inevitably, they flee before getting to break in.

Not only that, but more probably this process will occur when they attempt to approach your home to do the initial reconnaissance mentioned above. This means that they will never even get to understand how to access your home, never mind get inside.

In what way is it superior to a traditional monitored alarm system?

There are three primary reasons as to why RE:SURE Home is better.

Firstly, it uses CCTV cameras, which gives RE:SURE visual verification of the intrusion.

Secondly, it detects the intruder while they are outside, rather than inside your home.

Last, but not least, we are able to intervene in order to prevent the crime from happening in the first place. We identify the intruder(s), tell them that they have been identified and that the authorities have been called and are on their way.

In what way is it different to traditional CCTV?

Traditional CCTV is what we call passive, i.e. you can look at it live and it records what has happened in the past. This means that if you have CCTV at home, you can either look at the cameras live in real-time or could use the footage to retrospectively see who entered your home. RE:SURE Home has all of the above functionality,  however more importantly is a pre-emptive system, where the cameras detect intruders and these images are immediately relayed to our 24/7 Control Centre, which means our Operatives can intervene to prevent an intruder from entering your home.

So does RE:SURE Home mean you have people looking at my home all the time? What about my privacy?

We are not looking at your home 24-7. We rely on your smart cameras to detect people on the grounds of your home, as opposed to continually observing it. The second thing to clarify is that we only protect your home when you want us to, i.e. when RE:SURE Home is “armed”. This is done via our unique app, RE:SURE I/O. More on this below.

This means that the Smart Cameras will only send these images to us whenever you want or need us to protect your home. In addition, we never have cameras inside your home; we are only interested in detecting along its outer perimeter.

Furthermore, with our app (see more below) you can partially arm your system as well. So, for example, if you are having a BBQ in the summer months in the back garden, that zone would be disarmed, while the front is armed.

How many cameras will you need to protect my outer perimeter?

This depends entirely on the size and shape of your home, along with the physical area that your home occupies. Generally, we tend to use between 4 and 8 cameras.

How do I arm and disarm RE:SURE Home?

RE:SURE Home is armed whatever way our customers prefer. Whether is with a keypad, our unique app, RE:SURE I/O, or even both. RE:SURE I/O not only allows for remote arming and disarming from anywhere but has a host of other features to make your life easier. You can check out all these features on the RE:SURE I/O page.

From smart reminders to zoned arming, from easy user control and crisp notifications, we have thought of everything to ensure that RE:SURE Home is as easy as possible to control.

Does RE:SURE Home mean that my traditional alarm is defunct?

Not at all. We view the traditional intruder alarm as a last layer of defence, not the first. While we offer backup 4G broadband and backup power options, the intruder alarm acts as an important “failover” for cases such as prolonged broadband or power outages. In such cases, your intruder alarm acts as a way to confirm if an intrusion has taken place.

As part of the service fee, we will also monitor your existing intruder alarm, where possible.

Our bundle also includes two subscriptions to our other app, RE:SURE GO. Learn more about it here.

  • “We use RE:SURE exclusively for all of our CCTV and alarm monitoring needs. They are an ARC with a difference, pro-active with solutions that work and with an entire customer success team behind the scenes that look after our company and our clients, ensuring for their overall satisfaction, without me needing to get involved. Their focus on being up to date with the best technology available in CCTV Monitoring is a superb value add for us – I explain my needs and they come up with the solution to fit. ”
    Paddy Malone, - Managing Director, Secure Systems
  • “In terms of an easy to implement and scalable solution to our duty of care obligation, RE:SURE GO was perfect. All of our employees had smart phones already, so with no upfront capital outlay and a really cost effective monthly subscription, we were suddenly covered. The whole onboarding process took just a few hours . ”
    Frank Donnelly, - APS Solutions
  • “When we got broken into and watched how the break-in unfolded, it dawned us that our CCTV system wasn’t helping us. With minimal effort and spend, RE:SURE have turned our existing passive CCTV into an active system that has since prevented potential further break-ins and hence saved us a small fortune. ”
    Kyle Smith, - R&M Greenkeepers
  • “RE:SURE gave us a complete security solution which removed the guard at the gate, replacing it with their Remote Access Control solution. We now have a more cost-effective solution that gives us complete confidence & which is quite simply better than the previous solution. We now have lower overheads & secure 24-7 site access. ”
    Paul McKeown, - Managing Director, TR Logistics
  • “For me, what makes RE:SURE stand out from the crowd is their courteous manner and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Their technical support team is second to none. ”
    Billy Tarrant, - Head of Procurement, Dairygold
  • “It’s the future. Simple as that, if you have assets outside, and have CCTV, then not using it to detect intruders is like having a car and not driving it. RE:SURE gives us absolute peace of mind. ”
    Simon Smyth, - John Paul Construction
  • “RE:SURE provide us with a security solution that we simply could not afford if it was done by on-site guards. Not only that, RE:SURE is actually superior to having a manned guard on site – they don’t miss a thing. ”
    John Coleman, - DAF Ireland