Frequently Asked Questions | RE:SURE GO

We have tried to answer all the regular questions below about RE:SURE GO. However, if you have any queries that are not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

IRE 01 691 7100 | UK 028 8676 1183


What is RE:SURE GO?

RE:SURE GO is a revolutionary smartphone panic alarm, which is linked to the RE:SURE Control Centre, a purpose built 24-7 monitoring centre.  When activated, RE:SURE GO immediately sends an alarm to our response team allowing them to know who you are, where you are, and have audio-visual evidence of exactly what has happened.

A RE:SURE operator will ring you immediately, whilst simultaneously co-ordinating with your emergency contacts and the emergency services, should it be necessary. Authorities are able to provide faster, more accurate responses due to the detailed event description that RE:SURE GO is able to provide

On which Smartphones does RE:SURE GO work?

RE:SURE GO currently runs on iPhone and Android operating systems.

When should I switch on RE:SURE GO?

Anytime you feel concerned for your safety you should put RE:SURE GO in standby mode.  Some examples are, when getting into a taxi or public transport at night-time, meeting new people in an unfamiliar location, doing a home visit for a patient, bringing large sums of cash to the bank, or working alone in remote areas.

How do I activate RE:SURE GO?

There are a number of variety of options to create an alarm on RE:SURE GO.

You can shake your phone when the app is on (this also works when its in the background), use our Bluetooth button, RE:SURE Flo, or even hold the volume up button for 5 seconds.

There is also a meeting alert (countdown timer), man-down functionality and free-fall detection.

How do I subscribe to RE:SURE GO?

Signing up and activating your account is easy.

When you fill out the contact form on the main RE:SURE GO page, a RE:SURE GO sales agent will call you shortly after. To register as a new user, the agent will ask you for your phone number and email address, along with your bank account details, so as to set up your monthly Direct Debit. Once this is completed, you will be up and running with RE:SURE GO once you carry out a few really simple steps.

How do I get RE:SURE GO on my Smartphone?

You can download the RE:SURE GO app from the appropriate app store (The App Store or Google Play) at any time, even before you have officially signed up. However, in order to use RE:SURE GO, you will need to enter your username and password, which are generated during the registration process. If you don’t already have the app when signing up, don’t worry, as you will be automatically directed to the appropriate store for your phone type as part of the process.

How much does RE:SURE GO cost?

RE:SURE GO itself is completely free to download. In the UK a subscription for one person costs £8.00 per month and in Ireland €9.99 per month. There is no contract, and you can cancel the service at any time in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service.

Please contact us at for larger quantities of subscriptions.

How do I pay for RE:SURE GO?

All RE:SURE GO subscribers pay monthly by Direct Debit. You will be set up on Direct Debit by the RE:SURE GO Sales Agent during the registration process.

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Shortly! We are currently adding this functionality to our website, and hope to have it ready by September 2022.

How is RE:SURE GO different from dialling 999?

The key differentiators are the speed with which you are able to communicate with our response staff, and the quality of information, which is sent immediately, such as your GPS location, and videos of your immediate surroundings. This means that you can focus on your immediate safety while we work on deploying emergency services to your location.

When does RE:SURE GO track my GPS coordinates?

RE:SURE is able to track your coordinates whenever RE:SURE GO is put in standby mode. However – unless specifically instructed – the RE:SURE operators are not using this information in anyway up until an alarm is activated. RE:SURE neither tracks nor records your location unless you activate an alarm.  Once activated, RE:SURE GO will send your current GPS coordinates along with a predefined quantity of video clips. The most accurate coordinates are selected when dispatching authorities.

How quickly can I anticipate a response after I have activated RE:SURE GO?

You can expect that our team will evaluate your videos and GPS location within seconds of receiving the info and will immediately try to contact you. If the RE:SURE operators are unable to contact you, they will contact your nominated emergency contacts and/or the local emergency services if the information provided demands such a response.

What if I accidentally send a RE:SURE GO alert?

Don’t worry.  Disarm the alert using your unique PIN number. Our operators will respond anyway by calling you on your mobile number.  Please be prepared to answer your phone and provide your Safe Answer, and then advise the operator that it was a false alarm.  Your Safe Answer is provided as part of the activation process, and it is vitally important for you to remember and provide this information when requested.  Failure to provide the correct Safe Word would result in authorities being dispatched to your location.

Are the videos stored on my Smartphone?

No, the videos are sent to our secure servers and to the RE:SURE Control Centre, where the RE:SURE operators will assess the information as soon as it is received. Crucially – for evidence purposes – the videos are removed from your phone when they are sent to the RE:SURE Control Centre. They are not stored on your phone for retrieval.

Can I access the videos taken by RE:SURE GO?

Yes. You can access all your alerts by logging into your account on this website. Videos received by RE:SURE GO are securely encrypted and stored on our secure servers. In the event that information is required for legal purposes, please have the local authorities (police, legal prosecution team, etc.) contact us at They can also call us at 01 691 7100 (from Ireland) or 028 8676 1183 (from the UK).

Is there a contract?

We apply on a 30 day rolling contract, which means you can stop your subscription at any time. We are confident that our customer with stay with us because of RE:SURE GO’s fantastic functionality, our exceptional customer service and the peace of mind that RE:SURE GO will give all of our customers.

My phone has two cameras, which does RE:SURE GO use?

You can chose between which of the two cameras you want to use. While we recommend the rear camera, as it has a higher chance of capturing a face, the front camera is useful for the likes of taxi drivers.

How does using RE:SURE GO affect my phone's battery life?

RE:SURE GO does have an effect on your phones battery life. This is mainly due to GPS usage. When using RE:SURE GO, the faster you are moving, the faster your phone battery will be used up (this is because the GPS “pings” more often). This means that in a car – if you don’t have the phone plugged in – the battery may be used up quite quickly. Our advice is to limit usage to point-to-point scenarios. i.e. do not use RE:SURE GO all day, rather use it when you think you may be at some kind of risk.

How does using RE:SURE GO affect my data consumption?

Data usage is not really affected by using RE:SURE GO. In particular general usage will not affect data at all, as the information is sent via GPS, not data. In a scenario though where you do create an alert though, the sending of the videos will eat into your data consumption. A 10 second video is in the region of 200kb in size.

  • “We use RE:SURE exclusively for all of our CCTV and alarm monitoring needs. They are an ARC with a difference, pro-active with solutions that work and with an entire customer success team behind the scenes that look after our company and our clients, ensuring for their overall satisfaction, without me needing to get involved. Their focus on being up to date with the best technology available in CCTV Monitoring is a superb value add for us – I explain my needs and they come up with the solution to fit. ”
    Paddy Malone, - Managing Director, Secure Systems
  • “In terms of an easy to implement and scalable solution to our duty of care obligation, RE:SURE GO was perfect. All of our employees had smart phones already, so with no upfront capital outlay and a really cost effective monthly subscription, we were suddenly covered. The whole onboarding process took just a few hours . ”
    Frank Donnelly, - APS Solutions
  • “When we got broken into and watched how the break-in unfolded, it dawned us that our CCTV system wasn’t helping us. With minimal effort and spend, RE:SURE have turned our existing passive CCTV into an active system that has since prevented potential further break-ins and hence saved us a small fortune. ”
    Kyle Smith, - R&M Greenkeepers
  • “RE:SURE gave us a complete security solution which removed the guard at the gate, replacing it with their Remote Access Control solution. We now have a more cost-effective solution that gives us complete confidence & which is quite simply better than the previous solution. We now have lower overheads & secure 24-7 site access. ”
    Paul McKeown, - Managing Director, TR Logistics
  • “For me, what makes RE:SURE stand out from the crowd is their courteous manner and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Their technical support team is second to none. ”
    Billy Tarrant, - Head of Procurement, Dairygold
  • “It’s the future. Simple as that, if you have assets outside, and have CCTV, then not using it to detect intruders is like having a car and not driving it. RE:SURE gives us absolute peace of mind. ”
    Simon Smyth, - John Paul Construction
  • “RE:SURE provide us with a security solution that we simply could not afford if it was done by on-site guards. Not only that, RE:SURE is actually superior to having a manned guard on site – they don’t miss a thing. ”
    John Coleman, - DAF Ireland