We prevent theft by intervening the moment an intruder sets foot on your construction site.

In conjunction with our install partners, we can rent your company a smart CCTV system will immediately detect trespsassers, then we issue LIVE AUDIO challenges & arrange a rapid response to site.

See how it works by watching the video below.

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How RE:SURE prevents theft

Complete Perimeter Detection

Exterior Intruder Detection

Closing the window of opportunity

Before the Damage is Done

Keyholder & Police Notification

In conjunction with our install partners, we are trusted by the leading names in construction

Hassle Free Peace of Mind

Along with our install partners, we provide all the equipment for you on a rental basis. This means that we supply and install all equipment on site for you and take it all down when the building site is completed.

This means no upfront capital outlay nor any worrying about maintaining your cameras. Just complete peace of mind that your site is secure.

If the system goes down during the rental, we will come out and fix it, with no extra costs. You don’t even have to report it.

We don’t alarm theft, we prevent it

RE:SURE provides a preventive security system that detects an intruder as soon as they step foot on your premises. We intervene immediately to stop the damage before it is done.

– No theft.

– No damage.

– No lost time.

-No stress from dealing with insurance company. 

– Just you focusing on what you are good at. 

Like a security guard, but better

Our system is always on and continually detecting the perimeter of your site. So, whereas a security guard cannot be everywhere at once, we can. We are always on and always ready to intervene.

On top of this, we are always accountable, we will not “sleep on the job”, we’re not susceptible to “look the other way”. Just honest, always on, reliable security that gives you Complete Peace of Mind.

Plus, with RE:SURE you have no issues to worry about in terms of lone worker risk or confrontation with intruders.

Cost Effective

The RE:SURE CCTV system will save your company at least 90% on the cost of a manned guard, with daily rates closer to what companies traditionally pay per hour for  guard on the site.

And while a guard can’t be everywhere at once, the system installed by our partners will give you a complete perimeter detection system.

We are trusted by construction companies all over the UK and Ireland, what are you waiting for?

No Power? No Problem

A number of our innovative install partners have developed a range of solutions that mean that even when there is no permanent power in place, RE:SURE can still monitor your site.

From towers such as that shown, to stand-alone battery packs and small battery operated cameras, RE:SURE’s partners have a solution for any need.

For super remote sites, we can also arrange for alternative, longer term power supplies, where solar or wind will not be sufficient.

RE:SURE I/O – the perfect arming solution

We designed RE:SURE I/O specifically with our construction site clients in mind, especially those with multiple sites. Rather than arming the site on a keypad, it is done via our innovative app, designed so that construction company owners or regional foremen can see the status of all sites from one simple home screen.

There are a number of additional features such as easy to access logs, selective notifications, simple user management and even smart reminders to ensure your site is never left unarmed at night or over the weekend.

RE:SURE I/O is more than just an arming method, it inevitably ends up being utilised as a management tool and a whole lot more. Find out more on the RE:SURE I/O page.