Protect yourself for just 33c per day

Free to download with no contract, RE:SURE GO is your own personal panic alarm and security app with no upfront outlay and just €9.99 per month (incl VAT)

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How RE:SURE GO works

Login to RE:SURE GO

Have RE:SURE GO working in the background when you are working. This connects you and your taxi to our 24-7 Control Centre, meaning you are a simple action away from help.

Help an action away

You can set up RE:SURE GO to alert us in a number of different ways, for example, by banging your phone. This alerts our 24-7 Control Centre, sending us your exact GPS location and video/audio clips of what is happening.

Our Response

RE:SURE will implement your bespoke protocols, immediately contacting you, liaise with your emergency contacts if necessary and contacting the Gardai, if required.

We have your back

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you will have the comfort of knowing the RE:SURE taxi app is looking out for you in the case where you pick up the wrong fare.

Taxi Driver Protection

Reduce your risk

“I had stopped working nights before I came across RE:SURE GO. My alternative options were €300 upfront. Now I use my smartphone and I tell my customers when they get in that I am tracked. The warning shot is out there”

Taxi Driver Security

Pick up with confidence

If you sign up with RE:SURE GO, we can provide you with free signage for your vehicle explaining to your customers that you are being tracked, which automatically reduces the risk of you being attacked.

cab driver protection

24-7 Response with Gardai Approval

If you do have trouble and need to activate RE:SURE GO, the matter what time of day or night it is, we are ready to deal with any incident. On top of that, we have approved Gardai Response so will direct them to your location immediately.

cab driver security

GPS & Videos

If you are ever forced to set off an alert, we immediately get your GPS Co-ordinates & videos of what is unfolding. By using the front facing camera, and having your phone properly located on your dash, RE:SURE GO could catch the face of an attacker, which could provide crucial evidence.

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