Remote Access Control

A better security solution, at a fraction of the cost

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Reduced Cost

Have greater access control while reducing your security costs by up to 75%

24 Hour Access

Facilitate your customers and your staff with 24 hour access.

Bespoke Solutions

From the simple to the complex each solution is designed bespoke to your needs

Always know

Daily reports sent ensuring you know exactly who has been on your premises day or night.


Reduce overheads

By remotely monitoring and controlling your business access points, RE:SURE can save your company considerable expense.
Be it a single door or a complex network of entry and exit points, we build tailored, cost effective security solutions that guarantee total cover for your premises.


Pay Less. Get More

RE:SURE’s Remote Access control gives 24hr access to your premises, for you and your customers – and for a fraction of having guards on site.
RE:SURE’s Remote Access Control Systems allow your customers to pick up their orders at any time, 24 hours a day, enabling deliveries without the need to have someone on site, as well as seeing a reduction of between 60 – 70%* on the operational running costs.

CCTV Monitoring

Knowledge is security

RE:SURE gives you detailed security logs outlining who was on your premises, when they arrived and when they left and what vehicles have accessed your site ensuring that no one can enter or leave without your company knowing about it.

RE:SURE Intercom

Bespoke solutions that work for you

Each and every premises has its innate complexities; from commercial sites with unannounced customers to logistics companies with late arrivals.  RE:SURE have the experience and technology to deal with even the most complex business infrastructure. Providing you with most secure, efficient and flexible solution that is totally bespoke to you and your business