At RE:SURE we combine excellent customer service with our state of the art Control Centre and cutting edge technology to give more effective solutions, at a lower cost, than what you would pay using traditional security methods.

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About Us

RE:SURE was established in 2007. We are at the leading edge of a security revolution: using CCTV cameras to prevent theft and damage via immediate remote intervention. Our mission is to provide our clients with what we refer to as Complete Peace of Mind. To do this, we both develop and utilise state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of security for our customers’ premises. We combining this with an unrivalled level of service, where the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We operate under the following four key principles:

Using State of the art Technology

to allow Highly Trained Experts

to give Unparalleled Service

from Best in Class Facilities.

Additional services

Gate Access Control is a very important aspect of site security. Using manned guards can end up being not only very costly but moreover inefficient, as valuable operating time can be lost while waiting for the right person to allow access. This is particularly true when deliveries may occur out of core hours. RE:SURE can do away with such inefficiencies. By remotely monitoring and controlling access points, RE:SURE can save your company considerable expense. Be it a simple door/gate or a complex network of entry and exit points, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

When your intruder or fire alarm goes off, who hears it? If you are a RE:SURE client, our team of highly trained security monitoring experts do. Because we do not use third parties, we will receive your alarm signal instantly and alert the police, fire brigade, key holder, your security company and of course you. We recommend that all our CCTV clients also use a dual-path monitored alarm, as it gives us complete visibility of the premises. Within this monitoring, we can offer the ability for alerts to be sent to our clients for early opening and closing, and late opening and closing. For example, a number of our clients have stores that would lose significant amounts of revenue if they were to open late. Managers of such stores use our services as a management tool to react accordingly if such a store is not open when it should be.

If a device has a sensor, RE:SURE can monitor it. The advent of wireless and sensing technology means that sensor monitoring is becoming more and more integrated into what we do. We let you know when a sensor is activated and follow pre-agreed instructions for resolving the problem. Common sensors ideal for monitoring include computer servers, cold room and chicken house temperatures, power supplies, moisture, dust, gas (e.g. CO and CO2) and biohazards.

Since we operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we offer many businesses a bespoke and personalised 24-7 answering service. For example, we can work on rotas so that while all your customers have just the one number to call in an emergency, we then always call the correct on-call engineer to deal with the customer’s problem.

Properly protecting your staff is serious business and, as you are no doubt aware, it can be very costly. Every company wants and needs to be efficient, but also has a duty of care to its employees. However, this is clearly not the case when the solution to this problem involves one person simply watching another person doing their job. Be it via the use of RE:SURE GO, through a simple check-in phone call, or even through on-site Video Analytics, we can make sure your worker(s) are well monitored at all times. We make all our solutions as unobtrusive as possible that require minimal effort on the user’s behalf – meaning they can focus their energies purely on getting the work at hand completed. If you have a worker going to a remote location, he or she can use the meeting facility on RE:SURE GO that requires a check-in every pre-determined period of time. A simple tap of the phone tells us everything is ok and conversely if we do not receive a signal, we will activate your chosen protocols.


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Welfare Messaging

Personal Alarm Button

Man Down Alerts

Four key principles

Unparalleled Service

At RE:SURE we look after what is precious to our clients – their businesses, their employees, their homes, and even their families. Consequently, we recognise that the level of service that we provide to our clients is absolutely vital to our success. We have a straightforward approach to customer care, service and support – essentially we treat our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves. We enjoy good, ongoing working relationships with all of our clients.

We go the extra mile for all our clients. For example, we carry out hourly connectivity checks and camera checks on their premises, just in case. While we cannot guarantee it, such checks have often resulted in catching fires (something that unfortunately monitored CCTV systems cannot yet detect) on the premises of our clients. In addition, we are known throughout the industry for our technical support, where Ryan and his team will go out of their way to use their knowledge to problem-solve issues that our install partners have with network problems and the like.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we don’t just sit behind the screens in our Control Centre. When a new site is being commissioned our trained site setup experts will stress test the system with day and night walk tests. Only when we are satisfied that the system is properly commissioned will we sign off on a site to allow it to “go live”.

State of the art Technology

At RE:SURE we use the latest technology available to develop comprehensive and unobtrusive solutions for all our clients. We work under the motto of sophisticatedly simple so that the matter how complicated the technology is in place to protect you and your premises, the interaction with it is straightforward.

For remote CCTV monitoring, we use Video Analytics in which the CCTV camera itself is converted into a sophisticated detector. In this case, complicated algorithms analyse the change in pixilation in the camera when movement occurs, and deducts whether or not the movement is caused by humans or vehicles (read more about Video Analytics in the FAQs, here). This technology allows us to subdivide areas of interest up so that we can apply an unlimited amount of distinctive rules to distinctive areas at distinctive times – giving you the best possible security solution for your premises.

Similarly our solution for personal panic alarm and lone worker protection. RE:SURE GO, uses the very latest technology to offer a level of protection not previously possible. RE:SURE GO works on virtually all smartphones and uses the latest smartphone technology, GPS and the power of mobile internet to give a level of safety previously unimaginable.

Best-in-Class Facilities

When RE:SURE was conceived by the shareholders, it was unanimously decided to do it right. The shareholders consequently heavily invested in the construction of a purpose-built monitoring centre. Built to future European Standards, the BS5797 Category II (the highest level possible) Alarm Receiving Centre has the following properties:

– Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). In the event of a power cut, RE:SURE will not suffer an interruption in operations, as the UPS will kick in immediately. Our generator can give us 24 hours of power on one tank of fuel.

– Un-Contended Broadband. While most regular broadband connections involve sharing the bandwidth with neighbouring broadband users, RE:SURE invested heavily in ensuring that our broadband is unaffected 24-7, meaning that we always have the capacity to deal with all our clients’ sites simultaneously

– Backup Broadband. In the very unlikely event that our principal broadband line was to go down, we have a separate broadband backup that will kick in immediately

– Super Secure Control Centre. The RE:SURE Control Centre is monitored by another ARC in the UK. It also has Panic Alarms for our staff, is ram proof, has double steel doors with time-locked entry and all of our walls have vibration sensors in place in the unlikely event of a malicious attack. It even has reserve oxygen supplies, just in case.

– Super Secure Data. At RE:SURE we take our customers’ privacy and data protection very seriously. We use top of the range locked down firewalls, secure VPN’s where possible and use Microsoft’s European accredited cloud-based solution for our email and data backup solutions.

Highly Trained Experts

Given the nature of our business, it is of the utmost importance who we trust to watch over your property. All of our Control Centre Operators are fully vetted and have SIA (Security Industry Association) licenses and all undergo a rigorous interview process, which involves an aptitude test over several days. In line with our principle of unparalleled customer service, we only chose people who are clear communicators, calm under pressure and technically proficient.

Our Control Centre Operators have collectively accumulated over 80 years of experience within the security industry, and have consequently build up an invaluable amount of knowledge. This experience and security know-how soaks through the company, meaning that all our new recruits are constantly learning more from our more experienced staff.

We are now embarking on a new phase of training for all our staff, focusing on offering new opportunities for personal and professional development to all of our staff. We recognise that our staff are what make us the company that we are, and we invest in them accordingly

A short history of RE:SURE

RE:SURE is a privately owned Irish company, established in 2007 under the idea of using increasing technological and communication advancements to use CCTV to prevent crime rather than record it, and do so in a cost effective manner. The company’s first client was the well renowned construction firm McAleer and Rushe. The state of the art Control Centre was completed to BS:5797 and EU standards later that same year.

By January 2010 the company reached a significant landmark in its progression of 50 monitored sites, and around this time made the significant purchased of the Sentinel Plus alarm receiving platform from Monitor Computer Systems in England. SSAIB accreditation was achieved later that year – becoming the first independent Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) in Northern Ireland to receive such accreditation. NSAI and PSA accreditation then quickly followed. 2010 resulted in some high profile customers, such as KN Networks and Corrib oil, and the striking up of service provision for ESB.

In January 2011 – having now proved its worth and long term viability – the first 2rn (formerly RTE NL) site came on board and the company also commenced Remote Access Control services, with the first major client being Carna Transport.

2012 was a very significant milestone year for the company. The acquisition of a number of further marquee clients such as Dairygold, Roche Freight and Northgate Vehicle Hire was completed. It was in this year that the company also commenced complete premises protection for Kingspan Insulation.

2013 proved to be the watershed year for the company, with John leaving his position in Ernst and Young in Dublin and Emmet leaving the OHM group to join John as a fellow Executive Director. To reflect the strong presence and continued growth in Ireland, the new Dublin office in Sandyford opened in July. 2013 finished on a high with the launch of our innovative new service, RE:SURE GO, which has revolutionised personal safety & security by effectively turning a user’s smartphone into a sophisticated personal security device, which is connected to the RE:SURE Control Centre.

Double-digit growth followed from 2014-2017, as the demand for our high quality yet affordable security solutions increased steadily. This growth was primarily driven by our expanding reputation as an innovator and a customer-centric company. RE:SURE Home has made its mark as the real deal in terms of a security solution that prevents residential break-ins rather than just alarming them. In 2014, our second app, RE:SURE I/O, was launched. In the subsequent years, several app features have been added, making it an indispensable tool for our customers and a core part of the company’s offering.

2018 was arguably the most important year for the company to date. A complete refurbishment of the Control Centre was completed in January, the sales team was aggressively expanded with Ray Nolan, Mike Morin and Wesley Fallon all joining the company in the first 6 months of the year. In June, RE:SURE acquired Skywatch and successfully migrated all Skywatch’s clients to the RE:SURE platform. The operation team expanded further, with several internal promotions resulting in new roles in Customer and Technical Support, and the Front Line Operations team expanding further as well. Veronica Noble joined the team at the end of the year in her role as Operations Manager.

  • “We use RE:SURE exclusively for all of our CCTV and alarm monitoring needs. They are an ARC with a difference, pro-active with solutions that work and with an entire customer success team behind the scenes that look after our company and our clients, ensuring for their overall satisfaction, without me needing to get involved. Their focus on being up to date with the best technology available in CCTV Monitoring is a superb value add for us – I explain my needs and they come up with the solution to fit. ”
    Paddy Malone, - Managing Director, Secure Systems
  • “In terms of an easy to implement and scalable solution to our duty of care obligation, RE:SURE GO was perfect. All of our employees had smart phones already, so with no upfront capital outlay and a really cost effective monthly subscription, we were suddenly covered. The whole onboarding process took just a few hours . ”
    Frank Donnelly, - APS Solutions
  • “When we got broken into and watched how the break-in unfolded, it dawned us that our CCTV system wasn’t helping us. With minimal effort and spend, RE:SURE have turned our existing passive CCTV into an active system that has since prevented potential further break-ins and hence saved us a small fortune. ”
    Kyle Smith, - R&M Greenkeepers
  • “RE:SURE gave us a complete security solution which removed the guard at the gate, replacing it with their Remote Access Control solution. We now have a more cost-effective solution that gives us complete confidence & which is quite simply better than the previous solution. We now have lower overheads & secure 24-7 site access. ”
    Paul McKeown, - Managing Director, TR Logistics
  • “For me, what makes RE:SURE stand out from the crowd is their courteous manner and willingness to go the extra mile for us. Their technical support team is second to none. ”
    Billy Tarrant, - Head of Procurement, Dairygold
  • “It’s the future. Simple as that, if you have assets outside, and have CCTV, then not using it to detect intruders is like having a car and not driving it. RE:SURE gives us absolute peace of mind. ”
    Simon Smyth, - John Paul Construction
  • “RE:SURE provide us with a security solution that we simply could not afford if it was done by on-site guards. Not only that, RE:SURE is actually superior to having a manned guard on site – they don’t miss a thing. ”
    John Coleman, - DAF Ireland