The RE:SURE CCTV Intruder Detection System stops intruders in their tracks and keeps your car dealership safe. Intruders are detected immediately and crime is prevented through LIVE AUDIO challenges and by arranging rapid response.  See how the system works by watching the video below.

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How RE:SURE prevents theft

Complete Perimeter Detection

Exterior Intruder Detection

Closing the window of opportunity

Before the Damage is Done

Keyholder & Police Notification

Whether it be theft of a spare tire, a catalytic converter or in the worst case scenario, an actual car itself, a break-in or theft can be extremely costly to a car dealership.

From the value of the items taken, to the lost time to fix as you’ll need to liaise with suppliers, police and insurers; it’s something all car dealerships want to avoid. Using a preventative system, we actively deter intruders in real-time, stopping such crimes from happening in the first place.

Your Dealership, secured 24-7

Using the latest generation of detection technology in conjunction with our 24-7 Control Centre, we monitor the grounds of your dealership as if were a virtual security guard.

Once installed, our system automatically alerts our control room and provides us with a live video feed when it detects intruders on your grounds. We then issue an audio warning which deters the intruder due to their uncertainty as to how soon a response will arrive. We also immediately alert the police.

This provides you with peace of mind in knowing that you have a 24/7 security presence.

How It Works

Our smart cameras are designed to automatically detect any activity on your property. When this happens, the RE:SURE control centre is instantly alerted with live footage.

Our operators will speak directly to the intruder, commanding them to leave whilst informing you and the authorities. This real-time technology allows us to deter intruders before any damage is done.

A Hassle-Free Conversion

Our technology is “plug and play”, meaning if you have cameras already, there’s no need for you to invest in new ones. If your car dealership doesn’t currently have a security system, we can create a bespoke network designed to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Plus, with RE:SURE I/O, our unique app for arming and disarming, you will have complete visibility of who armed and disarmed your system.

An Unrivalled, Cost-Effective Service

It’s our number one priority to offer clients the highest possible level of service and security. That begins by using industry-leading technology that enable us to provide our best in class service to ensure all our customers have complete peace of mind regarding their business.

If you have normal CCTV cameras already, we can transform them and supercharge your security overnight.

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