The Effect Of 5G On CCTV Monitoring

Technology is constantly improving at breakneck speed. This matters because the greater the advances in technology the better the product and service users will receive. The demand on data has never been greater, and this challenge is set to be met by the rollout of 5G which is currently underway across the UK. As most CCTV systems are digitally connected 5G will have a big impact on the functionality as a whole.

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Smart Homes And Security

Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. So, when it comes to our home security, it makes sense to integrate technology here too. Fusing smart technology with security is an excellent way to ensure you are using all tools available to protect your home or business.

One of the main advantages of having a smart technology home is that you can physically see what is happening. Compared to coming home to a break-in with no idea about the perpetrator or when they struck, smart technology is giving property owners back control as well as peace of mind.

After all, the beauty of smart technology is that, for the most part, it acts as a deterrent rather than sitting back and waiting for theft or damage to take place. The technology we use is getting ever smarter, meaning owners are alerted immediately rather than getting a nasty surprise once criminals are long gone.
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Is your city spying on you?

If you head into any city centre, shop or even on public transport, the chances are someone is watching you. In fact, even if you walk down the street you are most likely being monitored by several devices.

Although CCTV acts as a deterrent and provides vital evidence to police, the use of monitoring technology is controversial. Some organisations believe that we are being ‘spied on’, but is that really the case? Interestingly, when a crime does take place, a lack of CCTV can be heavily criticized. So, it’s an interesting topic with lots of debate either side to consider.

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How to get the most out of CCTV systems

When installing CCTV, your prime reason is to encourage the safety and security of your home, business premises or the surrounding area.

While it absolutely is the right step towards achieving just that, it’s equally important you take action to ensure your CCTV systems are running at their maximum potential. After all, CCTV not only deters potential intruders, it can also provide vital evidence to the police in case of a crime having been committed. Imagine how frustrated you would feel if you’d gone to the effort of installing CCTV cameras, only to discover they weren’t working correctly, so the evidence was lost or unusable? Continue reading How to get the most out of CCTV systems

Staying Secure Over Christmas

For most of us, Christmas is a time for spending time with our loved ones, making memories and counting down to the new year. For opportunist thieves however, it’s a time to raid your home or business when you least expect it.

According to UK Crime Stats, there were 316,110 reported burglaries between January and October 2019, an average of around 30,000 per month. When a burglary happens, it’s devastating both financially as well as emotionally.

Here at Re:Sure, we want all of our customers to have a safe and happy Christmas, so here’s our top tips to staying secure over the festive season.

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Will CCTV lower my insurance costs?

Having insurance on your home or business is essential in case of theft or damage. The downside is it can come at a significant cost depending on the value of your property and the area it’s located in. Continue reading Will CCTV lower my insurance costs?

What Does the Future Look Like for CCTV?

Invented back in WWII as a means for the German army to test and monitor weapons, CCTV has moved on a long way since then. In the UK, we now have more surveillance cameras than any other country. Used for personal, public and private sector security, cameras are becoming more commonplace on many of our streets and in residential areas. Continue reading What Does the Future Look Like for CCTV?

How to Ensure Your Workplace CCTV is GDPR Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed by EU government on May 25, 2018. Designed to modernise the way personal data is processed, the act has put into place tighter regulations on how personal data is acquired and processed.

The official description on the GDPR website is “to “harmonise” data privacy laws across Europe as well as give greater protection and rights to individuals.”

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How to Protect Lone Workers?

An Innovative way to Protect Lone Workers

As an employer, your duty of care obligations span across all employees, whether they are in the office or working remotely. In many ways, lone workers are more vulnerable than those under direct supervision in the office.

A lone worker is anyone who works by themselves, whether that’s in the office out of hours or off-site elsewhere. The very nature of working alone makes these staff members more vulnerable in the case of an unforeseen accident, attack or health problem.

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Why Non-Monitored CCTV is a Waste of Time

Many businesses, local authorities and homeowners across the country have traditional non-monitored CCTV cameras installed as a matter of principle. In fact, the UK alone has 4-5.9 million cameras which is one of the highest totals in the world.

But are they effective?

Whilst some footage may stand up in court and help to prosecute criminals, non-monitored CCTV cameras don’t actually prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Here’s our round-up of reasons why non-monitored CCTV is a waste of time.

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